Jimmy with Lance Armstrong at Tour de France (Updated)

posted July 9th, 2009 at 8:36 am

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett is apparently still in Europe after playing a show in London on Sunday. American cyclist Lance Armstrong tweeted this morning that Jimmy is riding along in the Team Astrana car at the Tour de France:

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UpdateVeloNews has an interview with Buffett at the TdF. The first question in the interview was “What in the hell are you doing here?”. Jimmy says that he was invited by Lance Armstrong and he had always wanted to come but was always on tour.

Watch the interview now

(hat tip to Cliff for passing along the interview)

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  • Jay

    This is so cool. After watching Buffett at the Great Southern Music Hall in Gainesville as a college student and now seeing him support my sport and idol. Whoa.

    Parrot Heads Rule

  • Pierre A Tedd

    TWEET: Hi i’m Lance Armstrong and I don’t know how to spell my “good friend”s last name.


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