i-Encore App for the iPhone

posted June 15th, 2009 at 11:42 am

by Josh Martin

Attention iPhone owners, there is a cool new app for Parrotheads called i-Encore:

This is the ultimate accessory for Jimmy Buffett concerts. Not ready for the concert to end? Start the application and you can choose a parrot, saltshaker, shark fin or lighter.

Touch the illuminate button and it will change the colored item to a light that all the band members can see.

Other features include:

  • Wave your phone to the left and you hear “Fins to the left!”. Move it to the right and you hear “Fins to the right!”
  • Shake the phone and it doubles as a maraca so you can play along with the band.

So, if you’re a Parrothead, a casual fan, or just someone who loves to escape to the islands this is the concert application for you.

We first stumbled across this on Twitter. Are you on Twitter yet? Follow BuffettWorld now!.

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  • Antoinette

    This app will not work on my iPhone 3G. Any idea why? It says it’s not compatible…

  • Josh Martin

    Try e-mailing the app developer: http://www.bubbleup.net/contact.html

  • FinFan

    It will work – but don’t bother cuz it’s crap – not worth the 99 cents.

  • CA Mooooo

    Awe its not so crappy. It’s kind of fun.
    If you like the Buffet genre this is amusing and fun.
    Lighten up. What else can you buy with 99 cents….

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  • http://www.DroidGenerator.com Joseph Cesa

    Nice post. I’m really reading up on apps because I think its the wave of the future. The internet is dying imho. I found a software which lets you create apps pretty easily, its called Droid Generator. I made my first app this weekend and it already brought 400+ people to my blog. Funny because it took my only 5 minutes to make the app, and the payoff is just dumbfounding.


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