New Margaritaville Book Club

posted June 4th, 2009 at 2:13 pm

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by Josh Martin

There’s a new addition at Jimmy Buffett’s official site: the Margaritaville Book Club.

Introducing the brand new Book Club, where you can peruse a selection of Jimmy’s favorite books, join a discussion about the topics and themes of the books, and purchase them direct from!

The Book Club home page features a number of books that Jimmy has either read or is interested in. Share your thoughts on any of the three titles pictured. New titles will be added each month!

Share your thoughts on the monthly selection and get ready for some back and forth. The other titles that appear on our home page will be discussed in the coming months. If you’re a fast reader, go for it, read ahead, but hold your comments for the appropriate month.

Want to suggest a book? Make your suggestion here, and don’t hesitate if your title is out of print or in short supply. We are offering Amazon Kindle Readers because, in addition to letting you download newspapers, magazines, and blogs, the Reader allows you to add electronic versions of hard-to-find books to your library. When titles are available via Kindle download they will be marked with an icon.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide which are fictional facts and which are factual fiction. Enjoy!

Check it our here.

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