Tickets On Sale Now For Paris Show

posted June 1st, 2009 at 8:45 am

by Josh Martin

Tickets for the September 26th show in Paris, France are on sale now at .

When the page loads, click “Jimmy Buffett” in the News box and then click “Achetz”. When the window pops up, you can click on the UK flag to switch to English.

(hat tip to Neale for passing this along!)

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  • Scott

    I wasn’t able to find “united states” in the country selection when I went to purchase. Anyone else have this problem? Anybody have a solution for me? Much appreciated! fins up!

  • Neale

    Just to let you all know London tickets go on sale on friday 5/6/09! Look forward to seeing you all there!
    X Neale

  • peter

    I had the same problem too..can’t find US in the country listing..I would just try calling an agent over there.

  • troy

    etats unis d ameriqa

    think french everyone!!! :-)

  • Heather

    I purchased from the venue web site in French… . Just break out a French/English dictionary and it’s fairly easy. I have (2) tickets to sell for the 9/26 show if you’re interestsed.

  • Fred

    Heather I want to buy your 2 tickets.

  • Heather

    Hi Fred,
    I am working with the ticket office in Paris to have the tickets mailed to me before the concert. Right now, they are only allowing Will Call pickup of the tickets the day of the concert. Stay tuned.

  • Fred

    Thanks Heather! I will have airfare taken care of soon to Paris. Please keep me in mind. I am in Dallas, Texas. My cell is 910-547-6240.


  • Lisa

    Fred – We are headed to Paris as well. Got tickets from the French outlet but ours are being held as well at will call. We are going for the “trifecta” – The Shell in Hawaii, Irvine Ampitheater and now Paris…can’t get better than this!


  • Fred

    I am sorry the site is not user friendly. Heather i am still interested in your Paris tickets. Apparently a lot of us are having the same problem trying to buy these tickets. I even tried corresponding by email and tried to call but there is 4 different area codes for Paris.

  • Randy

    NEED 2/4 good tickets, I am a Parrothead stuck in Germany
    My daughter is named after Jimmys and we are lowly
    teachers needing to make a pilgrimage


  • Fred

    Should be real easy for you to purchase in Europe. You got it made. Only a short train ride for you. Hope to see you there. Teachers get paid don’t they?

  • http:/ Heather

    I’m am having no luck in getting a response from the ticket office on ticket delivery to the US. So it sounds like the only way to get the tickets is to pick them up at will call the day of the show at La Cigale. I am more than happy to meet you in Paris to do the ticket exchange. Please contact me at to let me know if you’re fine with this arrangement and we can work out the details.

  • http:/ Heather

    Lisa –
    Digging your trifecta. So jealous! Have you heard anything about tailgate parties in Paris the day of the concert? Please post the locations if you hear of anything!

  • Lisa

    Heather – Will do! As the date gets closer, we should all plan a place to meet pre-concert if we don’t locate a parrothead tailgate!

    To the rest of you – I’m traveling from Los Angeles – what about you all?

  • Fred

    Lets arrange a tailgate party! I am in. I am sure we can be creative and have a heck of a good time and maybe the man himself may stop by.

  • Fred

    I am traveling from Dallas via Frankfurt then train.

  • Jane

    We got our tx dirctly on the La Cigale website – when I checked a few days ago the site said the concert was sold out. Since the concert is near Sacre Couer, we should look for a party site in the area.

  • Fred

    Does anyone have a vehicle they are taking to the site? Other wise a picnic in a local park? Maybe? we can be creative. Maybe a local business would be interested in giving us some space.

  • Heather

    We’re flying in from Denver on 9/20. I’ll do some research on pre-concert party locations…sent an email to one of the DJs @ Radio Margaritaville…maybe they’ll provide some decent info. for potential Jimmy sightings!

  • Jane

    The La Cigale website lists the Metro stop and bus route to take to get to the theatre. Since it’s so easy to get around Paris, the Metro might be the easiest.

  • Fred

    Metro it is. Thanks.

  • Jane

    Good news everyone – I have just ordered a book “the Jimmy Buffett Concert Handbook – the Unauthorized Guide”. I’m hoping it will come in handy in the event we need it.
    Heather – have to ask where you’re from in Denver – I grew up in Lakewood – but am in LA now.

  • Lisa

    Hey All – I checked the discussion board and there is a group set up on Facebook (“Parrotheads in Paris – Sept 2009″ is the group name). I am not a Facebook person but if one of you are – pls check it out and report back. “Kay” can also be emailed at – Looks like we have a big group crossing the Atlantic!!

  • Lisa

    I have been in touch with Kay this am (see my post of yesterday eve). She is from Canada, but living in Belgium. She has connected with a Parisian and some London folks (all appear to be first time JB concert goers)!! So they will need our JB concert guidance!! But they have great Paris knowledge to impart! Lisa

  • Heather

    Paris concert group: if you have time, join and check out the Paris tailgate group and event post. Also, do any of you have friends ithat live in Paris that could recommend good tailgate spots?

  • harold

    hi all, i am a french parrothead and i have 2 tickets available for the Paris show sept 26th.
    i’m selling at real coast meaning 51 € each .
    i can be reached at
    reason is i bought 2 and been offered 2.

  • Niki

    Harold, I would love to buy your tickets, but your e-mail address did not work.

  • Niki

    Harold, if they are still available, please e-mail me at

  • Brent

    Hi everyone, My wife and I are US expats in India. We would like to catch the Paris concert and any (ALL) pre/post-concert festivities. I need to find tickets and some arrangement for pick up. Is it legal to purchase tickets from “scalpers” on the street before the concert if we are unable to buy tickets beforehand?

  • Michele

    Hi everyone. I am an American living in Paris and trying to find a way to get to the Jimmy Buffett concert. Unfortunately, I just found out about the Paris concert and it is already sold out. Does anyone have any extra tickets they need to sell or know of anyone looking to sell any tickets? I am desperately in need of 2 tickets…I was hoping to take my French husband for his first Jimmy Buffett experience! Otherwise, does anyone know if there will be scalpers selling tickets on the street before the show? Please contact me at if you have any information or know of someone selling tickets. Thanks in advance!

  • Fred

    Tried to make a hotel reservation for Saturday night near the concert. Carlton Hotel at 55 BD Rochechouart already sold out. Anyone have any sugestions where to stay in the area?

  • Renee

    I too, realized Jimmy is playing in France. I will be in and around the area celebrating my 40th birthday. My excitement has somewhat diminished realizing tickets aren’t available! Is there ANYONE that can help!!! I need 2 tickets!!! This would so be a dream come true! Please, if anyone can help!!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    Hi Fred, I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for in a hotel, but I booked a room at the Kube Hotel (1-5 Passage Ruelle Paris, 75018 France Phone +33142052000) through Picked the hotel because of the proximity to the train station as well as the conert. Good Luck!

  • Fred

    Thanks Vanessa! I am on it. I read today that that hotel has one of the coolest (no pun intended) bars in the area, called the Ice Kube. With a little luck they can make some “boat drinks”.

  • david jones

    Wanted, one ticket for the Paris gig!!!

    I’ve tried all the usual agencies etc. but have left it too late to get one through those avenues.

    Would anyone have a spare one. I’m from England by the way.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • harold

    try this
    it seems that there are some tickets there
    but price are 195€ per ticket.

  • celia

    Hi there,

    I am looking for 1 ticket to the concert – does anyone ahve one they are keen to sell? I live in London.


  • david jones

    Thanks for that Harold but I couldn’t aford that!!!


  • Kathi

    Looking for a place to stay for four people (two couples) will be in Paris for the concert and have never been.. Anyone with a good idea of not to expensive and not to far away from the subway or transportation to the concert? HELP with advise please..

  • Lauren

    I know it’s a bit late and just heard about the concert in Paris–but can’t find any tickets under $112– anybody find any thing cheaper?–I’m a BIG fan and an expat living in Northern Ireland and am STILL looking to go to my first Jimmy Buffett concert. Anyone looking to get rid of tickets for under $100?????

  • david jones
  • Brent

    Hi all, We’re still looking for 2 concert tickets. We have the plane tickets and hotel!

  • Scott

    I have 2 tickets that I won’t be using, however they are currently waiting for me at Will Call. If anyone can lend any guidance in how I can get them shipped to me or have the name changed at will call, I’d greatly appreciate it! Would hate for the tickets to go to waste!

  • Brent

    Can you e-mail me at

  • Fred

    Try the Hotel Regyn’s. Nice rooms for 120 Euros and in a nice location across from Metro art deco enterance.
    Address is 18 Place des Abbesses. Telephone 3301 42 54 45 21.

  • Becki


    I am in the same boat as you. Have you received any answers? I have 2 tickets available. Thanks.

  • Paris Frankrike

    Paris is a fabulous city to visit in the autumn. Its not to warm or to cold, its just nice. I like visiting all the cafe.


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