Statement on October Shows

posted May 27th, 2009 at 11:45 am

by Josh Martin

The official word is finally in… the West Coast shows in October (San Diego, Seattle, and two Las Vegas shows) have been canceled. Here is the word from

It has come to our attention that some fans have been disappointed to find that the shows tentatively scheduled for October are no longer going to happen due to unanticipated scheduling conflicts. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and look forward to seeing you back in Las Vegas and on the West Coast in 2010!

(hat tip to Barefoot for passing this along)

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  • Sad Parrothead…..

    What happens to the people that already booked their suites in Vegas in advance? As the dates were already on the site…

    Surely he will do something….


  • Karen & Tim Burgess

    We invested over $3,000 ( non refundable ) to fly down from northwestern Canada to catch the San Diego show, to say we are very disappointed would be an understatement. Now we are suppose to save up and try again for 2010, how do we know they wont have “scheduling” issues again We love Jimmy’s music, but we don’t think this is right.

  • David Amodt


    Hotel suites are refundable and nonrefundable airfare is nonrefundable. Call the hotel and should get a refund. 3k on airfare? kinda pricey unless it’s first class.

    Shows cancellations suck.

  • Karen & Tim Burgess

    Northwestern Canada for two people to San Diego thats not pricy lol .. this just sucks

  • Duane

    We too have had a group of us booked in at the MGM and paid for our flights already and now nothing.
    I feel he should honour is web site tour postings.
    As we are from canada also and it does cost good coin to plan these trips..
    I’m pissed to say the least..

  • Marti Long

    Nooooooooooooooooooo! This could well be my last year of mobility and I was so looking forward to the Seattle show! I didn’t want to go in a wheelchair….but if I have to wait, I’ll darned well wheel myself in for the privilege of seeing Jimmy sing again! Oh, Jimmy… heart is broken!

  • Tony

    Apparently I was behind the 8 ball myself.. I just found out as well about the Vegas Cancellation… My hotel and airfare are booked for 8 people… Now my group is pissed at me for not being all knowing….. Whats worse is I gave up my Buffett NY tickets for vegas and now im screwed. DAMN!!

  • Chester & Amy

    What exactly is the unanticipated scheduling conflicts. Our West coast dates have bin set for months. It the only concert we go to in San diego.
    I guess the only thing good is, Our new little boy Jimmy ( JT ) will almost be 2 and will enjoy it even more.

  • Karen & Tim Burgess

    Just got off the phone with “tickets now” regarding refunds for tickets for the cancelled San Diego show, they wont issue a full refund. We saved for so long to go to this show of a life time, now its just a big disappointment.


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