Margaritaville Rum Coming Soon

posted March 28th, 2009 at 11:31 am

by Josh Martin

A new line of rum from Jimmy Buffett is coming soon. The Tour page shows that the 2009 Summerzcool Tour is sponsored by Landshark Lager and Margaritaville Premium Jamaican Rum. has an image of the bottles (pictured above right). They report that it will come in four flavors: Silver, Gold, Spiced, and Coconut.

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  • Russ

    Any more info? Goning to be vailable at BevMo I hope.

  • Derrick Wood

    OH boy! I am so excited about this. Being a big fan of rum and everything Buffett, I am definately going to be pouring some of this down my throat!

  • Bruce “Bucky” Canedy

    I am looking forward to the new rum..I own the “Leaky Tiki” on Fort Myers Beach Fl. and it is a Key West and Margaritaville inspired tiki bar. Please let me know when it arrives and where I can get it…Thank You….Bucky

  • Tedd

    I check the liqour store everytime I buy my Margaritaville Tequila but still no Rum :( I’m jealous of all you lucky people who will be able to order it online, we can’t get booze shipped here to Mass!

  • Jeff

    I live in Indiana. Where can I get some Margaritaville Rum? Can it be shipped?

  • Ed

    Hey guys I know that many wholesalers have already received shipments of Margaritaville Rum so it should be showing up any day now. The Margaritaville restaurants are already pouring the rum. Thanks

  • Josh Martin

    Thanks for the update Ed.

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  • Steve Wright

    The new rums are now in the market place. Distribution began this week in the Houston market. Time to make a trip to your local libations dealer.

  • Evan

    Just received it this week. Isn’t anyone concerned with the “contrived” aspect of this? It was made to market to people like yourselves….it will not be very good, I guarantee it. The web page said it will be up in Summer 2009…its still not up.
    Margaritaville Tequila is one of the lower quality tequilas, but sells for a slight premium only because of the name. This rum is the same. You should be offended that they are trying to take your money like this.
    Ed Hardy anyone?

    Love Buffett…dislike those who would capitalize on HIS success.


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