Buffett To Perform on St Barts in November

posted February 13th, 2009 at 8:00 am

by Josh Martin

According to Wimco.com Jimmy Buffett will perform on St. Barts in November for the 60th anniversary of Le Select.

The site says the anniversary celebration will be held November 6-8, 2009 and that Jimmy Buffett will play a free concert in an open air cafe.

Read more at Wimco.com.

(hat tip to Billy Ray for passing this along)

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  • David

    Notify about the St Barts concert tickets and places to stay.


  • Rodney

    Has this been confirmed anywhere else?

  • David C

    Good Question. The wimco website has been changed from Jimmy’s name to mystery guest.

  • http://allaboutboats.blogspot.com Sheila

    Any updates about this?
    60th Anniversary of Le Select: November 6-8, 2009

    Need to know whether to point the boat towards St.Barths or St. Thomas for our return to the Caribbean :)

    [Charter Blog]
    [Personal Blog]

  • Kathryn

    wimco site says it’s confirmed for nov 7.

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  • http://www.wimco.com wsb

    Free concert is confirmed for Saturday, November 7 at 7pm. A stage is being built alongside the harbor in Gustavia, close to Le Select Cafe. The reason for the concert is the 60th anniversary of Le Select, a place where JB has spent countless hours over the years. The Le Select anniversary celebration lasts for 3 days – great excuse to visit St Barts.

  • Rock Matter

    PLEASE Don’t Come people……… crowded- expensive- cant ge there- cant stay there…….more room for me

  • http://www.st-maarten.com Mike

    I’m going, but 2 get there involved hiring a bareboat from St. Maarten so that hopefully we can listen to the concert from the dinghy anchored right across from the stage. We also decided on the boat because we’re doing all the provisioning in St. Maarten and we have a place to stay – staying and eating onshore St. Barts is for those with deep pockets. The Hamburgers at Le Select are disgusting anyway :P

  • Birdnut


  • http://www.skinsuncare.com loic

    headhake, upset stomach before or after the party, do not forget the best pharmacy all over the wolrd in gustavia close to le select!

  • Dennis

    Buffettworld seems to have more than one thread going on regarding this event. Earlier, I had posted here:


    but this thread seems to be getting more action. I am certainly ready to bail on work and head for a little action. Here is a copy of my original post from the other thread:

    I have been to quite a few JB concerts (but not enough). I am almost exactly the same age as Jimmy, and have been loving his music for many years. I live in northern California, and whenever Jimmy seems to play here (usually Shoreline) it’s in the Fall and usually cold outside. It has been one of my dreams to see Jimmy in a tropical destination, and now it’s going to happen for me. My wife and I are headed to St. Maarten on Oct. 31st with our friends. We will then sail our friends boat to St. Barths for the celebration. This will be a once in a lifetime experience for me. I’ve been to St. Barths before, but don’t know exactly what to expect for this event. IS THERE ANY WAY TO OBTAIN A HARD COPY OF THE PROMOTIONAL POSTER SHOWN ON THIS WEB SITE?

    Addendum: the promotional poster looks like a stock photo of Jimmy with surrounding banners and dates photoshoped over this. A bit concerning, but in my heart I feel Jimmy will be there. Regarding of how this unfolds, a bad day in the Caribbean is better than the best day at work.



  • Birdnut

    cant wait till 11/7…

  • Matt D.

    This is a “bucket list” trip. I’m chartering a Sunsail boat in St. Martin on Friday and heading for the fun. Anyone know how to reserve a mooring in Gustavia?

  • ifeellucky2

    Family dreams comes true…….I will see my parrotthead family in St. Barts on Saturday………….Can’t wait…….


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