A Christmas Message From Jimmy

posted December 26th, 2008 at 11:03 am

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett has posted a special Christmas message on Margaritaville.com from his boat in St Barth’s:

Good Morning all and Merry Christmas. I am up early waiting for sunrise and the dawn patrol to my surf beach. The line that obviously comes to me now is “these days I am up about the time I used to go to bed”. My kids are now teenagers, which means present opening has gone from 6;30am to 10:00a.m., which translates in my world to the fact that I can go out and score some early morning Christmas waves, have breakfast and be back for present opening. There are some things about getting older that are not so bad. There are many thoughts that could pour out of my head this morning, considering the years I have piled up here on the planet, but I will only put down one here. 62 years ago at this moment (counting the time change from St. Barth to Pascagoula), I was 2hrs and 21 minutes old. That in itself seems miraculous. I hope you have a miraculous moment today as well. Still rockin’ in the free world.

One Love


(hat tip to Jollymon345 for passing this along)

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  • Barry Patrick

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas, a Happy Birthday, and may you have a stupendous New Year! Keep on rockin’ cuz you are THE MAN!!! From: An “old school” Buffett Fan somewhere near a beach on the Ouachita River in northeast Louisiana.


  • Evan

    Happy Birthday Jimmy

  • http://sunsetteam.net allan thomas

    Happy Birthday Man! What does a St Bart’s Christmas Tree look like? All I want for my birthday is to get Amtrak’s Sunset Limited back to
    Pascagoula and the gulf coast.
    By the beach in Da Bay …of St. Louis

  • http://sunsetteam.net allan thomas
  • timmy l

    happy b day belated , know u enjoyed it. my friend used to live by you in ceder key. she had all the right things to say about u that the neighbours said to her. but i dont belive it , it must have been better than then what i heard . saw u in hollywood in the 80’s sometimes. have a good 1 man.
    timmy l.


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