Ticket Information for Buffett/Obama Rally

posted October 28th, 2008 at 10:21 pm

by Josh Martin

The Barack Obama rally that Jimmy Buffett will perform at on Sunday, November 2nd at the Ford Amphitheater in Tampa, Florida will start at 3 pm. Tickets will be made available for free starting at 10 am Wednesday at Obama’s Campaign for Change Early Vote information tables. Tables are open from 10 am to 5 pm daily. There is a maximum of two tickets per person, and you must be a Florida resident or a student.

Get tickets at the following Obama Early Vote tables:

J&J Bar-B-Q
B2620 8th St W
Bradenton, FL

Campaign for Change Sub-Office
34 North Fort Harrison Ave
Clearwater, FL

Campaign for Change – Clearwater
133 North Fort Harrison Ave
Clearwater, FL

South Holiday Library
4649 Mile Stretch Dr
Holiday, FL

Campaign for Change – Lakeland
5385 Gateway Blvd, Bays 12-14
Lakeland, FL

Mitchell’s Coffee House
235 N Kentucky Ave
Lakeland, FL

Rapscallions Restaurant
4422 Land O’ Lakes Blvd
Land O’ Lakes, FL

Campaign for Change – New Port Richey
4809 Grand Blvd, Suite P
New Port Richey, FL

The Breakfast Station
7335 Little Rd
New Port Richey, FL

Wisdom Center Smoke House
624 S Evers St
Plant City, FL

Buddha Belly Donuts
1990 Main St, Suite 112
Sarasota, FL

Campaign for Change – St Petersburg
2321 Central Ave
St Petersburg, FL

Globe Café
532 1st Ave North
St Petersburg, FL

Campaign for Change – Tampa Downtown
817 East Washington St
Tampa, FL

Campaign for Change – Tampa USF
14519 North 18th Street
Tampa, FL

Cut N’ Style
3817 S Manhattan Ave
Tampa, FL

Joe Chillura Courthouse Square
602 E Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL

Salcines Park
1655 N Howard Ave
Tampa, FL

Terrace Sports
5311 E Busch Blvd
Temple Terrace, FL

Urban Culinary Cuisine
10016 Cross Creek Blvd
Tampa, FL

Winner’s Sports Grill
5429 Village Market
Wesley Chapel, FL

For more information, visit the event page.

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  • Bill

    Hi All Just wante to say thy are selling the tickets on crigs list up $150 so far. Lets just hope it is more of jimmy and less of Obama the chosen one or of thethe af man Joe Biden. Lets hope he dose a great set and that is on the radio for the rest of us not in FL. And Rember to vote this Nov 4th And Please Vote For John Macian And Sarah Palin Thank you

  • Josh

    I’m sure that it won’t be on the radio… at least it won’t be on Radio Margaritaville.

  • mark

    who cares about buffet just wanna see obama

  • DR. Norman

    Hey Jimmy it’s over. I have been your greatest fan for over 30yrs. First saw you in person at the Hub Pub Club near Boone, NC. I have traveled to Chicago twice, Virginia Beach, and all over the Carolinas to hear your concerts (24 in all). I have bought T-shirts at every concert and have all your CD’s and books. Tomorrow I am giving them all to charity. Since you support that Marxist Obama you have nothing to sing or say that I want to hear! Take obama and shove him up your filthy rich ass!

  • Sheila

    I have always loved and supported you. Always considered myself one of your biggest fans. Not anymore!!! I just put all of your tshirts and cds in the trash.

  • Josh

    You all are not true fans then.

  • Glenn

    Barack Obama…Communism you can count on!

  • barry

    Liberal media and Democrats are America’s Al-Qeada!

  • Bill

    Even Though Jimmy Is Suporting Obama it is his right and I will go to see hs shows and listen to his music and where his tee shirts. This is america and I respest Jimmy and His point of view thoug it is wrong Jimmy is still good in my book

  • Bill

    oh yea onNov 4th And Please Vote For John Mcaian And Sarah Palin Thank you And lets hope Jimmy Will see the light one day lol

  • ViKa

    Hey Ya’ll. Our systems are broken, government and financial. They are made up of lies and broken promises and both Republicans and Democrats are to blame. Politicians say what needs to be said to get into office, then they do as they please. If americans do not stop the name calling and work together to solve problems, we will continue to go to hell in a handbasket. Jimmy can do what he feels he needs to do; I still love him and his music. He is a good honest man and I certainly don’t hold it against him because he is rich. He is a brilliant business man as well as an entertainer.

  • Chris

    When Obama wins next week does that mean all of you bigots who keep calling him a terrorist and communist will move out of the country? I can’t wait!

  • crabbergirl

    If you guys feel so strongly then why did you even bother to log in to Jimmy sites. Who he supports dosen’t change who he is or what really attracted you to his music anyway. I am not an Obama supporter but respect everyone in their choices. Grow up!

  • Disappointed Parrothead

    Jimmy Buffet rules! Obama Drools!!! Going for the music… can’t stand Obama’s confusion. Can’t wait to hear Margaritaville tunes.. not willing to vote for a Boon! McCain’s the man, Palin is waiting in the ready to stand!!! With a middle name like Hussein, to vote for him, Ya’ll are all INSANE!!!! Cheeseburger in paradise, vote for Obama, and we’ll all be crawling with the mice. There’s booze in the blender, this country will end up on it’s fender. Wasting away in Obamaville! Party on Parrotheads. By voting for Obama, we’ll all turn into the greatful dead. Taxes and taxes and oh more taxes, Obama won’t rest until he relaxes. See ya’ll at the “concert”!!

  • http://www.skywayne.blogspot.com/ SkyWayne

    There is a free ticket up for grabs at skywayne.blogspot dot com.

  • http://www.skywayne.blogspot.com/ SkyWayne

    Free ticket up for grabs by clicking on the “SkyWayne” link above.

  • Delovely

    I have always been a Jimmy Buffet fan. Finding out that he was doing this benefit concert for Obama made it even better. The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy will hopefully be out the door and instead of the trickle down policy, we’ll try the trickle up. Lets let the middle class enjoy what the wealthy have for the last 8 years. Funny how it wasn’t a problem then. With Exxon Mobile again posting a record third-quarter profit of $14.83 billion dollars, I don’t think they’ll need the McCain tax breaks. I just love how the McCain camp labels Obama a socialist because instead of giving tax breaks to the rich he is giving it to the middle class. Half the people complaining about it probably are middle class, just afraid to vote for a black man with questionable associates. Nevermind McCains associates like Keating, Liddy and all the lobbyists he is surrounded by on his campaign. Ie McCains economic adviosr Carly FIorino and her Golden Parachute from Hewlett Packard for 21 million dollars. How many HP people got laid off when she took over, 7000? Wonder if they’ll vote Obama? McCain/Palin and croonies=another 4 years of Bush….Obama=Change….

  • islanddreamer31539

    I have been a fan of Jimmy Buffett for years…i don’t agree with his vote for president.but i cannot hold this against him…This doesn’t make him a different person…It won’t change his personality or his music…Or i hope it doesn’t…But like i said I don’t hold his political feelings against him.GO JIMMY BUFFETT

  • crawfish

    i got my tickets and the 1st Republican asshole that says something smart ass at the show will kiss the concrete steps at the Ford Amphitheater.
    Republicans….STAY HOME! or keep your friggin mouth shut at the show!


  • barry

    Hey Crayshit You talk big on the internet. You and all the other left wing nut case leeches on society go to your free concert. Tell Jimmy to kiss my ass! Maybe when you move out of your mama’s house and get a job you will understand what “redistribution of the wealth” really means. Maybe you can move in with Obama’s illegal alien Aunt in Boston or with his half-brother lving on less than a dollar a week in Kenya. What a joke you Kool Aid drinking, cult following, Marxist worshiping, obamma supporting punk are!

  • Casey Peterson

    Wow, politics really brings out the worst in people.

  • crawfish

    if Mccain gets in i will go help Bin Laden, you know the guy Bush said he was going to hunt down? And didn’t have the BALLS to get him!
    you Refucklicans are a f*cking joke!

  • barry

    Crawshit you already support a Muslim for President why would we be surprised that you would work for Bin Laden. Maybe you could get a job wiping the ass of Bill Ayers too!

  • crawfish

    GEORGE W. BUSH IS THE WORLDS “BIGGEST ” TERRORIST!…………………..gee thats funny, John Mccain said Obama wasn’t a muslim or terrorist.
    quit masterbating at the mouth barry!

    thanks Jimmy for helping save our country!

  • barry

    Crawshit you are a true parrothead. A parrot has a small brain and is only capable of parroting what he hears.
    “Change you can believe in”
    “Yes we can”
    “Redistribute the wealth”
    An intelligent original thought would strain your 7th grade dropout brain.

  • crawfish

    the Buffett concert was GREAT!
    2nd row seats and cameras permited!
    blow it out your ass Barry………………lol!

  • crabbergirl

    OMG!! How old are you 2???? Poor Jimmy would most likely dump you both for your poor behavior and lack of tolerance for others. If being a Buffett fan hasn’t taught you to live and let live your NOT LISTENING very well!

  • crawfish

    no i’m 3

  • barry

    Crawshit you must have been close enough to blow the both of them!

  • crawfish

    concert was GREAT Bury oops i mean Barry.
    where were your seats?
    cats barry their shit!

  • jason

    Ill be casting my 20 votes like all the dems did with Acorn lol what a joke. Dems cant even cheat the right way.. Jimmy is nothing more than a drunk stoner who cant even write any new lyrics. I bet the dems are going to vote yes on 2 you liberal booty bumpers.. All the dems do is play tummy sticks anyway lmao….. And crawfish is always invited to play sence he was an ex republican turned gay like all the dems.

  • crawfish

    boo hoo refucklican………….cry cry cry!

  • jason

    Crawfish get your facts straight you dip shit….Your dumb ass Bill Clinton had many chances to kill Osama But he let his liberal advicers
    tell him NO…… And look what happened Duh!!!!
    Your to stoned to remember that far back I bet…..or to stupid to read the real facts dip shit.. Every thing you have said on these Blogs shows the lact of education you have… Seriously say no to drugs let your brain cells the only 5 you have left work for you…

  • jason

    lol Im saying something and gave you my address come and make me kiss the concrete floor lmao…
    Threats you will never back up!!!!

  • crawfish

    boo hoo you and Mcwarmongar will get Bin Laden.
    i know you will! take Failin Palin and Joe the Nazi Skinhead Plumber with you……….lol!
    what a joke you are! i’m laughing all the way to the toilet now, where i will FLUSH you ALL down!

    boo hoo crybaby

  • jason

    Crawfish you are such pussy with 9th grade education. Boo hoo is that all you can say. I bet your such a dirt bag that your smoking a joint first thing when you awake from gay lover restless night .

  • crawfish

    hey bud, you and the rest of the dumb fuck Republicans are CRYIN THE BLUES…….not me.
    i’m just playing in to your stupidity!


    youre funny! keep me amused!

  • barry

    crawshit when are you going to grow up and get a job? Your mama getting too old to turn tricks anymore and she looks like hell due to all the crack she smoked with Obama.

  • crawfish

    hey barry, you and jason must be man and wife!

    Obama victory party at Mr. and Mrs. Jason Barry’s house tonite!

  • crawfish

    name calling…………….the only thing republicans do best!………………booo hoooo, cry cry cry!

  • crabbergirl

    I can see there is no one of any true substance here
    ( except drug and alcohol substance) so you guys can have this board. I can’t see wasting any more time on you.

  • barry

    Crawshit just remember “it an’t over till it’s over”.

    But if your candidate is victorous you should also remember. Winning an election with Obama is like winning the Special Olympics. Yeah you get the gold medal but you are still RETARDED!

  • jason

    Crawfish likes little boys go back and read some of his comments about swingsets and playgrounds.
    I cant believe you can vote and be a sex offender also.
    Must be a liberal law or something. Or reps should pass a new law for drug testing at the polls. I bet 3/4 of the dems would be shit out of luck than.

  • crawfish

    sticks and stones……………blah blah blah.


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