Chesney Gets Inspiration from Buffett-gifted Guitar

posted July 11th, 2008 at 4:09 pm

by Josh Martin

After Kenny Chesney’s 2008 Poets & Pirates tour wraps up in September, he’ll head down to the islands with his Jimmy Buffett Signature Edition Martin guitar to write songs for his next album:

When the Poets & Pirates Tour, which hits Turner Field on Sunday, wraps in September, Chesney will grab his Jimmy Buffett Signature Edition Martin guitar — a gift from Buffett himself — and seek songwriting inspiration aboard his boat in the near-translucent waters of the Virgin Islands.

While plans are already in the works for next year’s tour, Chesney has his sights set on that upcoming songwriting sabbatical, crafting material with that guitar given by equally notorious island aficionado Buffett.

“Jimmy’s a great songwriter, so I’ll try to get whatever energy I can from it,” Chesney says with a laugh.

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  • prthd_dalton

    What do you guys think of Chesney trying to get into the “Buffett-esque” genre? It kind of gets on my nerves sometimes, I wish he would just stick to the Nashville sound.

  • Josh Martin

    I agree it gets a little annoying too.

  • Evil Larry

    It’s a good thing that the Beatles didn’t listen to people like this and stay one dimensional. Fans do not want their bands and singers to grow. Just stay one way. Really to bad people don’t open their minds any more. Sad.


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