Second Paris Show Added

posted July 1st, 2008 at 3:09 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett will play a second show at the New Morning Club in Paris, France on Saturday, September 20th. The first show, announced in mid-June, will be on Friday, September 19th.

Tickets are available now through

(hat tip to Adam for passing this along!)

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  • Vince

    Has anybody been to this club and can offer info on it? We have tix for Sept. 19th and are coming from Philly.

  • Josh Martin

    Don’t know, but you could try posting a topic on our Discussion Board and someone there might’ve been to the club and be able to give you some insight.

  • Star

    Hi- Need tickets for the 19th. Anyone want to sell tickets if they cant make it over???
    Where to buy??

  • Laubscher Frank

    I first listened to Jimmy Buffett when i was an exchange student in Tx in 93/94 and from that point i loved his music. Ever since i was paying attention to his tour dates but i never had the chance to visit one of his concerts while i was for vacation in the us, because i was never close to one of the locations he played. Finally he is coming to Paris which is about a 4 hours drive from my home in Germany. And guess what? I’m in the us till the 21th of september, so i miss him again…. i don’t believe it!! Tough luck! Hopefully he will come back to Europe. Maybe one day to Germany! Greetz Frank

  • Star

    VINCE- Hey , would you be interested in trading tickets for the 20th????

  • Vince

    STAR: Would love to help you out, except my flight leaves at 10:00 AM on the 20th back to Philly.

  • Star

    Vince- Have a great time. If i can get tickets to the 19th we will see you there!

  • Autumn

    Anyone have tickets for the 20th they need to get rid of? I need 2 more….

  • andy buxey

    just seen tour dates for jimmy buffet closest to me are france which appear to be sold out, does any no if he will be coming to uk at all in the future

  • Kathryn Chamberlain

    Just bought 2 tickets today without any problem so he doesnt appear to be sold out could have bought tickets for either day

  • Autumn

    Where did you buy the tickets from? Can you please share the website? THanks!!

  • Kathryn Chamberlain

    Hi go to and go from there. The tickets are 35 euro’s each You can also go to Tour dates on and click on tickets and the link will also take you there.

  • Vince

    Who can share about the New morning Club? What time do doors open? Is there seating? Places to eat nearby?

  • Star

    Kathryn, Im trying to get tickets for thr friday show. Ive gone onto margaritaville and I see you can get tickets however, there not a place for the usa to put your country in so it wont let me complete the sale?? Also when I go to I dont see anything for tickets???
    Maybe you can tell me more. Thanks

  • Kathryn Chamberlain

    Star On on the home screen there are many shows offered go to the search field and put Jimmy Buffett in and it will bring up the screen to buy tickets for him There is even an english flag to translate the page. I live in Spain and had no problem buying the tickets so i dont know about you having a US address I dont see why you can’t buy them good luck

  • Kathryn Chamberlain

    Sorry Folks I put the wrong website the correct one is

  • Kathryn Chamberlain


    I have been on the site and you can buy tickets from USA CHOOSE Etats Unis D’ Amerique when it asks what country you are in

    Good Luck again

  • Star

    Kathryn, MERCI very much! I totally was on this website weeks ago and couldnt figure out how to put in the country. It was the “esats” that got me. Know we will go to both shows!
    Thanks for your help. I better start working on my french.
    Have a great time at the show

  • jimmy

    HI PH’s
    I’m an american Parrot Head in Paris looking for billets for the show, sold out everywhere, willing to buy at any price.
    Jimmy Z.

  • sean

    Hey guys, just found out I can make it to Paris for the sept dates, I know its realy late but anyone know if any tickets are available? Thanks Sean

  • daniela

    pretty please!!!! i think i`m the ONLY Romanian crazy in love with Jimmy Buffet,please…help the newest UE member to find 2 tickets

    “Allons enfants de la patrie”…mes cousins Francais doivent m`aider a trouver 2 billets,je vous en prie,apres tout…la Roumanie est un pays francophone

    Je vous remercie beaucoup:)


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