JB To Play Duke University In June

posted March 10th, 2008 at 11:47 am

by Josh Martin

Add another date to this year’s tour: Saturday, June 7th at Wallace Wade Stadium on the grounds of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

(hat tip to Frosted Fins for passing this along)

Update – This concert has been moved to the Time Warner Cable Pavilion.

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  • Travis Humphreys

    I was wondering if there was any word when tix go on-sale for this Duke show?

  • http://douglasvlad@bellsouth.net doug

    Maybe I’ll have a better chance of getting tickets

  • John Benton

    Carter Finley, AND Kenan Stadium are much larger venues in NC…Jimmy could easily sell these out….WHY DUKE? ALSO…any info on tailgating? Where are we going to park….the hospital?

  • http://douglasvlad@bellsouth.net doug

    There’s a rumor that he’s also playing at the ,RBC Center in Raleigh NC .
    so my guess is that it is some kind of special event. Like,say for instance, a show with Alan Jackson. Anyways, he seems to be favoring NC

  • John

    Yeah..this might be the case. This kind of stinks because…what if it falls through and only does the Charlotte Show? I sure wish this would go on sale SOON!!!! Its not confirmed on margaritaville.com, but it is on buffettnews…who knows..Its going to be an amazing show! 3 big shows in NC is kind of odd…he hasn’t done this in quite awhile! Can’t wait!

  • zach

    Buffet cancelled that concert @ Duke. He moved it accross town to the Raleigh Pavillion.

  • http://douglasvlad@bellsouth.net doug

    After seeing the videos of stadium shows, they looked fun. The amphitheatres always seem to packed at sold out shows. Think I’ll skip this one, and drive to the beach that weekend. I have some great parrothead cd’s. Have fun at the show

  • Josh Martin

    I enjoy the party in the lawn at amphitheater shows. To me, the stadium shows aren’t as much fun. But that’s just me.

  • http://douglasvlad@bellsouth.net doug

    It seems though that lawn seats for Buffett are getting harder to obtain then the expencive ones. The stadium shows just seem to have a lot of the cheaper seats. I remember seeing shows at the Silverdome in Michigan and remebering howw much they sucked for sound. I remember see Zepplin and you didn’t know the song until the 7th echo:) But I heard Buffett shows were all about the party anyways. So it seems to me,the more the merrier


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