Buffett To Play Frisco, Texas On April 26th

posted February 19th, 2008 at 10:12 pm

by Josh Martin

Radio Margaritaville’s Miles Hampton announced tonight that Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band will play a show at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas on Saturday, April 26th.

Tickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster on Monday, March 3rd.

He also said that this year’s tour will be called the “The Year Of Still Here.”

We expect more tour dates to come out within the next few days.

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  • Josh Martin

    I was really hoping Buffett would go back to the Smirnoff Center this year. The tailgating was good at Pizza Hut Park, but the stadium wasn’t very good for a show. I need an amphitheater with a lawn!

  • Geeky Rany

    “The Year Of Still Here,” eh. Let’s hope that means he specializes in playing a lot of older songs this tour: “Havana Daydreamin'”, “Livingston Saturday Night” and “Last Mango in Paris” just to name a few.

  • chris moseley

    frisco and pizza hut park are still not ready for prime time. they just cannot handle the crowds and the traffic. awful delays in and out. jimmy’s chasing the almight dollar here.

  • Whyknot1970s

    We love Pizza Hut Park for a concert! Its a large venue with a small feel and a great atmosphere (and the tailgating is awesome).
    Parking is a little steep and unorganized @ $20, but thats not anything Mr. Buffett is responsible for. To us, getting in & out of the parking lot itself wasn’t any better or worse than the downtown Dallas show.

    Give us Frisco over downtown any day!

    Update: We got our seats! Sec 130!!! See y’all in a few weeks!

  • Ty Gerot

    We have a parking company that parks 4 lot’s for Frisco Concert Go-ers. We have grass lot’s for RV’s at $100 for the weekend and $200 next to the stadium on paved surface. Please email me at tygerot@gmail.com for parking arrangements… I have Pizza Hut Park Jimmy Buffett for April 18. We can begin parking vehicles as early as Thursday with a departure time TBD on Sunday. Give me a ring…

  • Ty Gerot

    We are working diligently on the Parking Logistics for Pizza Hut Park in Frisco Texas. On behalf of myself and my staff we will make your parking easy. On behalf of Ernie’s of North Dallas Russ Warman will be playing Jimmy Buffett songs at the courtesy tent located on the East side of the Stadium. RV Parking is discounted to $100 on the Grass Lot. Just let me know what we can do to make the Frisco Event enjoyable… Ty Gerot

  • Ty Gerot

    Last year we had folks from Colorado and had a great Tail-Gating event… Sleeping over in Tents is OK… Please pick up after yourselves… Cleaning up isn’t a breeze!

    Ty Gerot

  • Ty Gerot

    If there is rain we can default to off-site on the East side of the Tollway at the Main Event site… we’ll direct ya’ll… Kindest regards for a great concert… Ty

  • Jill Lanoix

    My dad is a huge fan of Jimmy and this will be his first time seeing him live. Any suggestions on parking or where to experience some great tailgating.

  • Ty Gerot

    Just got home and ready for tomorrow’s great event. All surface parking is packed. Park on the East side of the stadium or at Main Event. Opening 2 restaurants in the Frisco arena and looking forward to serving great food and hospitality for Jimmy Buffett and the great Frisco community for years to come. Have a great event!

  • Ty Gerot

    Great Event… Jimmy you are an icon… we are preparing for your event next year and others that entertain at the Great Pizza Hut Park in Frisco Texas.

    Thanks again…clean up was not a breeze!


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