Tonight's Video Link + Imporant information regarding Video streaming

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Tonight's Video Link + Imporant information regarding Video streaming

Post by urlcenter » Sat Aug 06, 2022 2:19 pm

Here is the preview Youtube link from Margaritaville TV for tonight's concert:

The complete can show can be streamed from JImmy's official website

This is the ONLY official link from the Official Jimmy Buffett website.

I orginally posted this post back on 7/21 the day of the Cincinnati show after discovering that there were multiple scam links for that show's video stream posted to Youtube. I have a detailed description of what these links are about is below and what they might cause to happen. Jimmy's shows are not the only artists shows being targeted by these scammers. I have been updating this post for each video stream since then as the scam links are being posted to Youtube for each show

What do the scam links do?

The links take you to a number of Youtube channels claiming to be the video stream of Jimmy's show. If you click one of these links the a Youtube
channel will open with a video claiming to be the video link for the show. The video on the Youtube channel, equires clicking a link that takes you to an external site that wants to install a suspect extension into your Web browser along with possibly requiring payment to view the show. Remember Jimmy never charges for either the audio or video streams of his show and there is no entity authorized to charge for the video streams of Jimmy's show. Also these scam links claim to offer Jimmy's video streams in 4K, Margaritaville TV offers the shows in 720 and 1080 but not

I have not installed the offered browser extension as there is no way to know what it will do.! It does not matter what browser you use the extension will attempt installation which is not required when using the official link posted above.

Here what has changed with the JB video streams

As of this week it seems that Jimmy's Margaritaville TV production crew have become aware of the scam attempts and have made a change to how the shows are video streamed. Prior to this week a Youtube link for the video stream would be posted to Jimmy's official Youtube channel several hours before each show. These links could be used on Computers, Phones, Tablets and Smart TV's that have Youtube Apps installed. The Youtube links could be used to view the entire video stream of the show.

Here is what has changed as of this week, instead of a link for the full show being posted to Youtube, preview links are now being used which stream the just a portion of the show being before being shut off. The complete shows are being streamed exclusively through Jimmy's official website using a Youtube link that is not posted publically on Youtube and cannot be searched for on Youtube. This prevents the purveyors of the scam links from hijacking the live video stream for there own illicit purposes. The same preview link method is also being used on Jimmy's official FB page where the streams are also available.

The video stream available through Jimmy's official site includes the option to streamcast the show to TV's via a button include in the videos controls

If you search YouTube for the video stream please be alert and aware of the scam efforts and DO NOT CLICK THOSE LINKS You could end up with a compromised PC, Tablet or Phone!!

This change to the video streaming along with some technical issues at shows that his week have caused some frustration and confusion for many Parrotheads.

The simplest and easiest way to avoid issue with the video streaming and the scam links on YouTube is to use link posted at the top of this post here is the link again:

Our own Sunlover took some time to explore and research some of the scam links and posted a detailed post including screen shots on FB: ... k6r8opYepl

As always you can completely trust any information regarding concert streaming posted here by myself and Sunlover we have your backs in these matters and we will never ever mislead any JB Fans!!

Only use the official link from Jimmy's official site to stream tonight's concert!!

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