Volkswagen will stop making the Beetle

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Volkswagen will stop making the Beetle

Post by HavanaMatt » Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:56 pm

The R&D boss for Volkswagen confirmed during a Motor Show that there will be no replacement for the current
Beetle in the company's lineup, several reports confirm.

According to Autocar, it was said that "two or three generations is enough now" for the Beetle and added that the
car was "made with history in mind but you can't do it five times and have a new new new Beetle."

The reto-inspired position the Beetle currently holds will be instead occupied by VW's all-electric microbus,
the I.D. Buzz, according to Road and Track. This microbus model is expected to come around 2021 or 2022
based on the group's launch of their new electric platform, Autocar reports.
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