Kenny Chesney Pittsburgh concert was a wild site

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Kenny Chesney Pittsburgh concert was a wild site

Post by HavanaMatt » Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:48 pm

7 people were arrested, and 37 were taken to the hospital during Saturday night's Kenny Chesney
concert at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA.

4 people were issued citations and one was given a summons arrest. 99 people were treated by paramedics,
mostly for dehydration, intoxication and related injuries. When the concert was over, city crews worked until
sunrise Sunday to clear an estimated 48 tons of garbage from the parking lots and along the North Shore.

And this year's concert went over more smoothly than it has in the past, officials said.

The infamously rowdy country music concert attracted about 40,000 people from across Pennsylvania, Ohio,
West Virginia and New York, officials said. They estimated an additional 15,000 people came to tailgate outside
in the parking lots and along the North Shore before the show started.

The city made several policy changes after 70 people were arrested, 150 people were treated by paramedics
and 30 tons of garbage were removed from area after the 2013 concert. The city provided 200 portable toilets
and distributed free trash bags. Heinz Field staff members turned away visibly drunk ticket-holders at the gates.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay said his officers saw an “incredible” amount of alcohol consumed between
noon and 8 p.m. Saturday. Each of the arrests and citations had to do with public drunkenness and “alcohol-fueled”
offenses, he said. Officers had to break up fewer fights this year than they have in previous years.

The scene was a stark contrast to the one at the Billy Joel concert at PNC Park on Friday night. Officials estimated that
show attracted more than 36,000 fans, but public safety spokeswoman Sonya Toler said she didn't recall a single person
being ejected.

“It was a different crowd” at the Chesney concert, Costa said.

Next year, city officials plan to issue littering citations to tailgaters who don't pick up after themselves.
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