Boston Red Sox to replace Pesky's Pole @ Fenway

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Boston Red Sox to replace Pesky's Pole @ Fenway

Post by HavanaMatt » Wed Aug 24, 2016 5:22 pm

Fenway Park is going to get another face-lift before the 2017 season.

The 104-yr-old ballpark has undergone plenty of renovations in the last decade, and BOS just received approval to
make more. The Boston Landmark Commission gave the Red Sox the go-ahead Tuesday on four of their six proposed
changes, and chief among them is the replacement of Pesky’s Pole.

But don’t worry about Fenway losing the charm of its RF foul pole because the new Pesky Pole will look exactly the
same as the old one. The replacement simply will be solid and up to code, WFXT-TV’s Ted Daniel reported Tuesday.

The Red Sox also will replace the bullpen field wall with removable wall, add seating and a bar to the right field
grandstand and replace the Cumberland Farms sign in right field with a video board. Plans to add more suites on
the right field and left field level and to move the dugouts forward 3 1/2 feet to create 124 seats around them
were rejected.

All of the approved changes are expected to be completed before Opening Day 2017.
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