Margaritaville TV Important Note

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Margaritaville TV Important Note

Post by urlcenter » Tue Jul 16, 2019 2:13 pm

This post is being written to make all who enjoy the Margaritaville TV video streams of Jimmy's show's aware of something important.

The video streams can be viewed on the following official locations:

Margaritaville TV YouTube (up to 1080p, stereo)*
Jimmy Buffett's FB page (720p, stereo)
Margaritaville FB page (720p, stereo)

*The Margaritaville TV YouTube stream is available through both Margaritaville.TV and the official Margaritaville YouTube Channel

There a number of other links being posted on YouTube offering the video stream of Jimmy's shows. Any link posted on YouTube that does not say "Margaritaville" as the YouTube channel should not be trusted. When click one of those non Margaritaville YouTube links it takes to you a video that contains instructions to click another link that will take you off of YouTube what appear to be very sketchy websites.

To be safe and enjoy the video streams of Jimmy's shows only use the official streaming sights as they are approved and maintained by Margaritaville TV and its staff!

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