Buffett LP Top 200 Chartings

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Buffett LP Top 200 Chartings

Post by HurricaneSeason » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:51 am

Jimmy Buffett Billboard Top 200 LP Chart Positions
2017 Buried Treasure Volume One #85
2016 ‘Tis The SeaSon #50
2013 Songs From St. Somewhere #4
2012 Welcome To Fin City - did not chart
2011 Volcano - Live 2011 - did not chart
2010 Encores #7
2009 Buffet Hotel #17
2007 Live At Texas Stadium #11
2007 Live In Anguilla #54
2006 Take The Weather With You #4 RCA/MAILBOAT RECORDS
2005 Live At Fenway Park #41
2005 Live In Hawaii #66
2004 License To Chill #1 RCA/MAILBOAT RECORDS
2004 Live In Cincinnati, OH - did not chart
2004 Live In Mansfield, MA - did not chart
2003 Live In Auburn, WA - did not chart
2003 Live In Las Vegas, NV - did not chart
2003 Meet Me In Margaritaville #9 UTV/MCA/MAILBOAT RECORDS
2002 Far Side Of The World #5
1999 Live: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays #37 MAILBOAT RECORDS
1999 Calaloo EP - did not chart
1999 Beach House on the Moon #8 ISLAND/MARGARITAVILLE RECORDS
1998 High Cumberland Jubilee Varèse Records (Reissue) - did not chart
1998 Down To Earth Varèse Records (Reissue) - did not chart
1998 Don’t Stop The Carnival #15 ISLAND/MARGARITAVILLE RECORDS
1998 Rancho Deluxe (Reissue) Capitol, Rykodisc - did not chart
1996 Christmas Island #27
1996 Banana Wind #4
1995 Barometer Soup #6
1994 Fruitcakes #5
1993 Before The Beach #169
1992 Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads (Box Set) #68 MCA/MARGARITAVILLE RECORDS
1990 Feeding Frenzy #68
1989 Off To See The Lizard #57
1988 Hot Water #46
1986 Songs You Know By Heart #100
1985 Last Mango In Paris #53
1984 Riddles In The Sand #95
1984 One Particular Harbour #59
1982 Somewhere Over China #31
1981 Coconut Telegraph #30
1979 Volcano #14 MCA RECORDS
1979 Before The Salt BARNABY RECORDS - did not chart
1978 You Had To Be There #72
1978 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor #10
1977 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes #12
1976 High Cumberland Jubilee (1971) BARNABY RECORDS - did not chart
1976 Havaña Daydreamin’ #65
1975 Rancho Deluxe UA RECORDS - did not chart
1974 A1A #25
1974 Living And Dying In 3/4 Time #176
1973 A White Sport Coat And A Pink Crustacean #205 ABC/DUNHILL RECORDS
1970 Down To Earth BARNABY RECORDS - did not chart

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Re: Buffett LP Top 200 Chartings

Post by Air M'Ville Cap'n » Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:11 pm

Thanks for this. I needed to update the Chart History page

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Re: Buffett LP Top 200 Chartings

Post by HurricaneSeason » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:07 pm

You're welcome! As far as I know they're accurate - or as accurate as I could find.

I get bored. The internet can be so entertaining sometimes - and obviously resourceful, if you can find what you're looking for and it's true. And things that look time consuming sometimes don't take much time at all. And in Buffett Land (World?) it's pretty slow right now, even with BURIED TREASURE being the newest release. Which is great, really (although the documentary bit is bombastically very little for some reason). But it's... I dunno. What is enough these days? That's been lost. One good song or a box set of unreleased music/versions seems to be the way people are leaning towards. Give me something or give me a lot.

I still prefer a 9-12 song LP, regardless of the format it's released on/with (vinyl, CD, download, blah blah blah - all the same thing - a long player in some fashion).

It's a list I've been keeping just for my own self because that kind of thing intrigues me for some odd reason. There seems to be a - at times, anyway - mild shift in "awareness" with an artist when they change labels, which is why I listed the various things within the framework of what label he was on for a duration.

You can see with ABC/Dunhill the "awareness" that started in 1973 and peaked in 1977-78 and then when MCA took over it just simmered for a decade until Margaritaville Records came along and for some reason - BOOM - he was in the Top 10 for 3 LPs straight.

I always found that strange yet considering the era - the height of print hype in music oriented magazines, radio still mattered and before the internet kicked in, which can be witnessed, arguably, with LICENSE TO CHILL being what it was, the peak of album artists still getting across to the degree of the 1970s-90s in terms of sales. It wasn't too much longer after that uptick in the mid-1990s when Napster and iTunes came along and... there you go: although LPs are still released, it went more to a single format via download and then after that settled down (mainly due to a very slim region considering genres) people started mainly getting back into listening to LPs via... streaming.

To which regarding hard copies there will always be an element of a fan base willing to buy a physical "product". So even though sales are down outright compared to the 1990s when things were finally tallied correctly, albums still matter.

So far, with exception to a few tracks released here and there, Buffett is still an LP dude, because if he was truly concerned about his status as a recording artist with the current now, he'd be recording a few singles every year and releasing them every 3 or 4 months.

He's not. In fact, he might be done recording LPs and will only do archival releases at this point. Although I would buy any new record he releases, he doesn't need to anymore. Which may be unfortunate for some people but I bet it doesn't bother him at this point.

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