Important Message regarding Concert Recordings!!!

Share and obtain recordings of Jimmy's concerts
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Important Message regarding Concert Recordings!!!

Post by urlcenter » Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:06 pm

This message is to remind all who download concert recordings from this site and or the jokelben server on pCloud of the following important information:

Concert recordings in both audio format which are provided by Sunlover and Video format which are provided by both Sunlover and Coasterghost here on Buffettnews are provided freely for all Jimmy Buffet fans to download and enjoy and also to have lasting memories of shows you might have attended. Sunlover, Coasterghost and myself had spent many hours and done a lot of work to keep the jokelben server up running and as a result it is has become the largest online archive of Jimmy Buffett live recordings. Neither myself, Sunlover, or Coasterghost profit in any way financially from our efforts in making Buffett concert recordings available. For that matter, Jimmy Buffett himself offers both the audio and video broadcasts of his concert free to his fans and he himself does not profit from doing this.

Yesterday (8/29/17) I discovered that 2 Margaritaville TV video recordings of two different Jimmy Buffett concerts are being sold on Ebay. One is the 2016 Chicago Show which is being sold for 29.99 and the other was a DVD/CD set of the 2017 Tampa Show which which was selling for close to $40. Both DVD's were home burned DVD-R's not not regular retail DVD's. The source for the the video recordings is being looked into by Sunlover to determine if the seller recorded the video themselves or if they created the DVD-R's using either Sunlover or Coasterghost's video captures of the live Margaritaville TV broadcasts.

The part of Buffettnews where concerts are posted is called "Concert Trading" and it was established so as to allow Buffett fans to TRADE copies of concerts freely and get help in learning how to record shows for their own personal use. Concert recordings provided here not provided for others to profit from via selling them on sites such as Ebay or other places. Again Neither myself, Sunlover, or Coasterghost profit in any way financially from our efforts in making Buffett concert recordings available to all who want to download them.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that DVD's such as the ones being sold on EBay are considered to be unauthorized by either Jimmy Buffett or his management team and such unauthorized released being sold will get the attention of Jimmy's legal eagles. Once that happens it could mean the end of jokelben and all of the freely available live Jimmy Buffett music contained on the server. If that happens it will be then end of a wonderful and fabulous resource for Jimmy Buffett fans.

Once more I must state the following: Neither myself, Sunlover, or Coasterghost profit in any way financially from our efforts in making Buffett concert recordings available to all who want to download them. We do what we do out of our fandom and affection for Jimmy and his music we do not want see that tarnished because someone who may not be acting the best of Parrothead manners and tradition.

Again concert recordings posted Buffettnews or BW are not made available to profit from other than profiting from enjoying the music of Jimmy and The CRB

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Re: Important Message regarding Concert Recordings!!!

Post by SunLover » Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:24 pm

I sent messages to both sellers of the auctions mentioned above regarding video quality. I asked if they could post screenshots of the videos to try to determine if they were pulled from the Jokelben and/or Mega sources.

Me: "Can you please post some screenshots of the video quality? Thanks."

Seller of Chicago show: "I'm sorry, the only information that I have is included in the item description."
Seller of WPB show: "All the video quality is professional".

Neither seller provided any screenshots. One auction ended with no bids, the other is active for another 17 days, currently with no bids.

I would like to add these guidelines regarding the use of Jokelben:
  • Any content downloaded from Jokelben or the FTP site SHOULD NOT be offered for resale in any format. This includes, but is not limited to, physical media including Optical Discs (CD, DVD, Blu-ray), flash drives, SD cards or similar flash media, hard drives or SSDs. This also includes mirror download sites that require any form of payment to access the downloads. While Jokelben can’t be declared the “official source” of JB content, we believe it is the most complete and safest source to download the content.
  • DO NOT purchase any shows that are posted on ebay or other auction or “for sale” sites. This just supports the seller’s efforts of making a profit from content that was originally free of charge. JB has been streaming his shows on RM and more recently on Marg TV at no charge and they should always remain free. If anyone has a rare show that is not available on Jokelben and would like to freely share it in the true spirit of Parrotheads, please PM me here and we can arrange an upload.
  • Jokelben content may be shared freely with friends (for example, those who may not have good internet connectivity), as long as no money is exchanged for the share.
  • Videos should not be posted to youtube, vimeo, or any other media streaming site. It is the decision of Marg TV to offer these shows for on-demand streaming. While I cannot issue any takedown requests for posted videos, remember that it can attract the attention of, as urlcenter put it, Jimmy's legal eagles.
  • As urlcenter mentioned above, I have not received any payment for providing the shows. I have been offered payment for labor, server hosting, etc, but have never accepted any such payment. (I have been offered a number of beers and cheeseburgers, but have not collected on that yet) :wink: I can assure you that Coasterghost has also not accepted any payment for his contributions as well. Urlcenter has done a lot of work helping to maintain the Jokelben content and has also not accepted any payment for that work.
The good thing is in any of its versions, Jokelben and my FTP have never received any takedown requests from JB's people. With that in mind and thinking of all the shoutout mentions BN has received on Radio Marg, I'm sure Jimmy's people know that we offer the shows for download, both audio and now video. Let's keep our collection safe from any takedown threats and respect all that Jimmy and his people have allowed us to do for so many years.

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