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PostPosted: February 1st, 2009, 3:44 pm 
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Hey guys..Here is a list of Buffett concerts I am looking for. I'm not picky when it comes to format.
I know all of these shows aren't available, but many are, so any help would be appreciated.
I'm also looking for shows before 1999, but I didn't include those here. If you do have a pre 1999 show,
Let me know what you have, and I'll let you know if I need it!!
I have plenty of shows to trade also, so let's get started!!!

10.04.07--Honolulu, HI
4.18.06--Phoenix, AZ
10.29.05--Las Vegas, NV
10.22.05--Las Vegas, NV
8.21.05--Cincinnati, OH
4.19.05--Honolulu, HI
4.12.05--Phoenix, AZ
4.09.05--Las Vegas, NV
4.07.05--Anaheim, CA
4.05.05--Santa Barbara, CA
11.23.04--Orlando, FL
10.21.04--Chula Vista, CA
10.16.04--Las Vegas, NV
9.10.04--Boston, MA
7.08.04--Noblesville, IN
7.06.04--Noblesville, IN
5.26.04--Atlanta, GA
5.01.04--Sunrise, FL
4.29.04--Columbia, SC
4.27.04--Raleigh, NC
4.24.04--Charlotte, NC
4.22.04--Tampa, FL
1.20.04--San Jose, CA
1.28.04--Honolulu, HI
1.24.04--Anaheim, CA
9.23.03--Chula Vista, CA
9.18.03--Vancouver, WA
8.21.03--Tinley Park, IL
7.05.03--Bristow, VA
7.03.03--Columbia, MD
7.01.03--Camden, NJ
6.26.03--Noblesville, IN
6.24.03--Clarkston, MI
4.26.03--Las Vegas, NV
4.24.03--Denver, CO
4.19.03--Nashville, TN
4.17.03--Atlanta, GA
4.15.03--Houston, TX
2.13.03--Miami, FL
2.10.03--Orlando, FL
2.08.03--Tampa, FL
2.05.03--Columbia, SC
2.03.03--Raleigh, NC
2.01.03--Atlanta, GA
10.05.02--Irvine, CA
10.03.02--Irvine, CA
10.01.02--Phoenix, AZ
9.26.02--Mountain View, CA
9.24.02--Portland, OR
8.31.02--Boston, MA
8.27.02--Wantagh, NY
6.29.02--Atlanta, GA
5.26.02--Las Vegas, NV
5.25.02--Las Vegas, NV
4.23.02--Houston, TX
4.18.02--Charlotte, NC
2.20.02--Orlando, FL
2.18.02--Tampa, FL
11.12.01--Auburn Hills, MI
11.10.01--Minneapolis, MN
9.29.01--Tinley Park, IL
9.27.01--Tinley Park, IL
9.08.01--Bristow, VA
9.06.01--Camden, NJ
9.04.01--Pittsburgh, PA
9.01.01--Boston, MA
8.30.01--Boston, MA
8.27.01--Cuyahoga Falls, OH
5.28.01--Irvine, CA
5.22.01--Phoenix, AZ
3.15.01--Oakland, CA
2.24.01--West Palm Beach, FL
2.22.01--Tampa, FL
2.20.01--Charlotte, NC
2.17.01--Greensboro, NC
2.15.01--Houston, TX
2.13.01--Dallas, TX
2.10.01--Sunrise, FL
2.08.01--Orlando, FL
10.07.00--Honolulu, HI
9.02.00--Boston, MA
8.31.00--Boston, MA
8.26.00--Columbia, MD
8.22.00--Raleigh, NC
8.17.00--Cincinnati, OH
7.27.00--Tinley Park, IL
7.25.00--Columbus, OH
7.20.00--Noblesville, IN
7.18.00--St. Louis, MO
7.15.00--Atlanta, GA
7.13.00--Atlanta, GA
6.24.00--Pittsburgh, PA
6.17.00--Bristow, VA
6.15.00--Bristow, VA
6.02.00--Charleston, SC
4.29.00--Irvine, CA
4.27.00--Irvine, CA
4.25.00--Phoenix, AZ
4.22.00--Chula Vista, CA
4.20.00--Chula Vista, CA
4.18.00--Mountain View, CA
4.15.00--Las Vegas, NV
4.13.00--Dallas, TX
12.11.99--West Palm Beach, FL
12..09.99--West Palm Beach, FL
12.07.09--Houston, TX
12.04.99--New Orleans, LA
12.02.99--Orlando, FL
11.30.99--Tampa, FL
9.02.99--Boston, MA
8.28.99--Columbia, MD
8.26.99--Columbia, MD
8.23.99--Columbus, OH
8.21.99--Cincinnati, OH
8.17.99--Chicago, IL
7.24.99--Tinley Park, IL
7.20.99--St. Louis, MO
7.13.99--Noblesville, IN
7.10.99--Atlanta, GA
7.08.99--Atlanta, GA
6.15.99--Raleigh, NC
6.10.99--Bristow, VA
6.08.99--Clarkston, MI
6.05.99--Camden, NJ
6.03.99--Camden, NJ
6.01.99--Charlotte, NC
5.29.99--Charleston, SC
2.28.99--Boston, MA
2.26.99--East Rutherford, NJ
2.24.99--Long Island, NY
2.22.99--New York, NY

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