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Jimmy Buffett Key West Google Map

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:33 am
by davidkos74
Hi all,

I am life long JB fan (have attended 23 shows) and also a dedicated and yearly traveler to Key West for over 20 years. If you are like me and love to match the song lyrics and JB related topics with the actual locations, then you will enjoy this Map I created. I listed over 20 locations of JB related Key West locations. This includes the former site of the Islander Drive In theater, JB's old apartment, Captain Tony's, the Full Moon Saloon and many others. Those with a keen eye will notice that on some of the street views the address is slightly off (like the Chart Room), this is because Maps does not provide a good visual location of the spot.

So on your next trip to Key West have fun with this little scavenger hunt or if you are not in Key West have fun looking on line as many of these locations have helped turn Jimmy Buffett into the guy we know and love. ... 29416&z=14

Please feel free to share and post this map for other Buffett fans to see!

Fins up!
David from Ohio

PS - let me know if there are any locations that you would like for me to add!!

Re: Jimmy Buffett Key West Google Map

Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 9:53 am
by HurricaneSeason
This book is fantastic. It's inevitable to run across a place or two Jimmy sang about or has talked about when in Key West and this book gives some pretty good information about places. ... 0978894901