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Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:01 pm
by mrplow4
I am a retired parrot-head having seen Buffett 53 times starting in 1980 and finishing in the mid 90's. Have a great deal of swag from those days and I'm beginning to clean out the closets. It all meant a great deal to me at one time, so it is in mint condition. First Up for the collectors: 83 issues of the Jimmy's Newsletter, The Coconut Telegraph, spanning 15 years. In an age before the internet, it was the way us old parrot heads kept up on what was going on with Jimmy. Below are the issues in my possession. Vintage shirts dating back to the One Particular Harbor tour forward coming next. Will accept pay pal or PM me if you wish to send a check. I will pick up shipping. All 83 issues yours for $200.00..that's $2.38 an issue!

Volume 1: Issues 5,6,8,9,10
Volume 2: Issues 1-12
Volume 3: Issues 1-12 (two copies of # 7)
Volume 4: Issues 1-12
Volume 5: Issues 1-7
Volume 6: Issues 1-6
Volume 7: Issues 1-6
Volume 8: Issues 1-5
Volume 9: Issues 1-5
Volume 10: Issues 1,2,4,5
Volume 11: Issues 1-3
Volume 13: Issue 5
Volume 14: Issue 5
Volume 16: Issue 5

Misc: Don't Stop The Carnival date x 1
Early Issue..un-numbered
Friends of Flordia Inc. call for donations letter

you can contact me at


Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:16 am
by HurricaneSeason
Recently I was looking at some I have from 1988-1996 (I think I ordered a calendar so, of course, with that comes a free subscription - but I don't have all of them from that time span) and what I noticed the most in terms of changes with the CT is how the products for sale changed drastically. It went from being the Coconut Telegraph to the Coconut Store - a skeletal version of the website the way it is now. The articles are all over the place in terms of, I'll call it "writing quality", but obviously they were having fun with it: a lot of it was shrouded in mystery - not a whole lot of facts involved regarding places or references.

I still have a couple of the original Caribbean Soul t-shirts. Original meaning the first ones put out. They're so... uncomfortable! I wore them once and they've been in a drawer or a box or crate ever since.