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Black Sabbath to bid farewell in 2015

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:35 pm
by HavanaMatt
Bad news for headbangers everywhere: One of the forefathers of heavy metal is calling it quits.
Black Sabbath will be playing their final show later this year -- November 22nd, to be exact, headlining
the 2nd day of Ozzfest at Japan’s Makuhari Messe venue outside Tokyo.

The news was announced not by the band, but by lead singer Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon, in a YouTube video.

North American fans determined to catch the show will have to shell out some extra cash for the long-distance
flight to Tokyo, and it doesn’t even look like the original lineup will be playing together. Despite having an open
invite, drummer Bill Ward will likely be skipping the finale, due to contractual disputes -- and, according to Ozzy,
his weight gain.

However, the bigger question is: will this be the last goodbye, or like many other bands, a set-up for a reunion tour ?
If it’s any indication, last October Ozzy told Billboard regarding what he said would be Sabbath's final album, due out
this year: “This will be our last hurrah...Then it's no more Sabbath at all. We're disbanding the name and everything.”

Re: Black Sabbath to bid farewell in 2015

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:20 pm
by sirgumby77
They have been saying this for years