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St. Louis Rams are moving back to LA

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:42 pm
by HavanaMatt
The Rams football team is moving back to Los Angeles, and might be doing so with company.

The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders might end up staying where they are, but leadership of the
teams didn't come close to making that commitment Tuesday night. One of them could be headed to L.A. too.

Allowing the Rams to move was based on who had the money to make the NFL's LA dreams a reality. But winning
on the field will matter, too -- and the Rams haven't done much of that under Stan Kroenke.

The Chargers didn't get their wish for a move to LA, but there is still a chance -- as well as a chance for a deal
to stay in San Diego.

A long day of votes and re-votes ended with 30 of 32 NFL owners approving Rams owner Stan Kroenke's ambitious
plan to move his team from STL to the site of the old Hollywood Park racetrack in Inglewood, CA, about 10 miles
from downtown L.A. The Chargers have a yearlong option to join the Rams, followed by the Raiders if the San Diego
franchise declines.

The Raiders and Chargers submitted a competing proposal to share a new stadium in Carson, CA, but that option
also did not garner the 24 votes needed for approval. After another negotiating session in the afternoon, Kroenke's
$1.8 billion project prevailed.

The Rams return to Los Angeles, where they had their best winning percentage of the three cities they've
resided in. They had 21 playoff appearances in 49 seasons in L.A., including winning the 1951 NFL Championship.

St. Louis had a plan for an open-air, $1.1 billion stadium along the Mississippi River north of the Gateway Arch to
replace the Edward Jones Dome. Kroenke mostly ignored the city's overtures, and Goodell said the requirement of
at least $200 million from the NFL was double what league policy allowed.

This is the second time the city has lost an NFL franchise. The St. Louis Cardinals left for Arizona in 1988.

The Rams have moved twice. The franchise called Cleveland home from 1937 to 1945, before moving to LA for
the first time in 1946. The team opened play in St. Louis in 1995. At each stop, the team has won one league

Re: St. Louis Rams are moving back to LA

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:56 pm
by Coolbreeze2444
Kroenke's a rat bastard. He's a St. Louis businessman and when he bought the team, his stated goal was to keep them in St. Louis. He then proceeded to run the team into the ground, doing everything he could to alienate the fans while he was at it. Then he says, "Hey! St. Louis doesn't support the team, we need to move!" And where's he moving to? Los Angeles! The city that couldn't keep the team in the first place!