Tonight's start times in Miami Florida

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Tonight's start times in Miami Florida

Post by urlcenter » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:52 pm

Jimmy is performing the second of the four scheduled shows with The Eagles tonight in Miami Florida. Caroline Jones is opening the show followed by Jimmy with The Eagles on last.

The start times are different for this show tonight with three acts performing here are the start times for Caroline Jones performance and Jimmy's show.

This show is scheduled to start at 6:00p ET.
Caroline Jones will be opening the show by 6:00p ET.
Jimmy should be on stage by 6:40p ET or so and his show should finish at Approximately 8:30pm ET

Jimmy's show will likely be slightly abbreviated in terms of the number of songs Jimmy and the CRB perform. Last week in Orlando Jimmy's set was just 19 songs long

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