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Jokelben Server want list **Updated 04/30/18**

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 11:28 am
by urlcenter
The following is a list of Jimmy Buffett show recordings that are either known to exist or might exist but are not currently on the Jokelben server many of these were not broadcast live on RM, this list has been updated to include several special performances that took place in 2015, 2016 and 2017

Note: This list has been reorganized into a categorical list by show or performance type with shows listed chronologically in each category

Benefit and Funderraiser performances:

08.30.16--Montauk, NY Democratic Fundraiser
01.09.16--New Orleans LA, Bal Masque Benefit show
07.08.15--East Hampton Ny, Wound Warriors/Soliders Ride free show
04.07.15--Miami FL, Everglades Rally
02.01.13--Lake Worth FL, Bamboo Lounge surprise show
11.04.12--Palm City FL, Patrick Murphy Fundraiser
10.12.12--Lake Mary Fl, Democratic Fundraiser
10.12.12--Sanford Fl, Bill Nelson Fundraiser
04.28.11--Pensacola Fl, Benefit Show for the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation
12.06.10--Houston TX, American Express Cardmembers show
12.05.10--New Orleans, LA Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness
12.04.10--Austin, TX Andy Roddick Foundation Show
10.10.10--Orlando, FL Alex Sink Fundraiser
11.02.08--Tampa FL, Democractic Rally Show
01.18.08--Hong Kong Football Club, Benefit Po Leung Kuk Orphange
12.09.07--Walter Reed Army Medical Center show for the USMC
09.15.07--Sunset Saloon, Montauk NY Surfers Healing volunteers Show
05.30.07--69th Regiment Armory New York Wounded Warrior Project 2007 Gala
10.20.05--San Francisco, CA Hurricane Katrina Benefit Show
08.21.04--East Hampton, NY John Kerry Fundraiser
04.16.04--Palm Beach Fl, The Breakers Benefit Show
10.08.02--New York, NY Tribute to Timothy White
07.31.00--Southampton, NY All for the Sea Benefit
03.01.99--Boston, MA Walden Woods Benefit show at Boston Park Plaza

Margaritaville Cafe and Cheesebuger in Pardise performances:

09.17.15--Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
12.02.10--Margaritaville Cafe Nashville, TN
01.08.10--Honolulu HI, Jimmy Buffett's at the Beachcomber
02.26.09--Honolulu HI, Jimmy Buffett's at the Beachcomber
02.12.09--Margaritaville Key West
01.08.09--Margaritaville Cafe Grand Cayman
01.06.09--Margaritaville Cafe Cozumel
05.15.04--Omaha, NE CIP Grand Opening
01.14.04--Middleton, WI CIP Grand Opening
11.03.03--Downers Grove, IL CIP Pre-Grand Opening
02.09.03--Orlando Fl, Margaritaville Cafe
10.31.02--Key West, Fl Margaritaville Cafe
08.19.02--Indianapolis, IN CIP Charity Fundraiser
05.01.98--New Orleans, LA Margaritaville with Club Trini
04.30.98--New Orleans, LA Margaritaville with the Peter Mayer Band

Special Performances:

04.26.18--Hattiesburg MS Sanger Theater *Special Acoustic Show*
03.28.18--Annapolis MD Navel Academy
11.04.17--Honolulu, HI *Special Acoustic Show*
04.14.17--Bryon Bay Blues Fest -- Byron Bay AUS
10.30.16--Yokosuka Japan
10.28.16--Okinawa Japan Camp Foster
11.10.15--USMC 240 Birthday Performance in Havana CUba
09-15.15--Stephen Talk House w/The Peter Mayer Band
09.15.15--Buffett Bridge Dedication Performance
04.26.15--Preservation Hall show
02.01.13--Lake Worth FL, Bamboo Lounge surprise show
08.22.08--Amagansett NY, Stephen Talkhouse show
01.28.08--USS Harry Truman (Jimmy and Mac MacAnally only)
02.17.04--Tampa Fl, Pro-Am Champions Golf Tour special performance
02.03.07--Miami FL, Super Bowl show for Anheuser-Busch VIPs
06.02.05--FayetteVille, AR Walmart Stockholders show
12.08.04--New Orleans LA A Coastal Confession
11.01.02--Key West, Fl Meeting of the Minds
06.14.98--Charleston SC DSTC Rehersal Show

Paris France Shows:

09.22.17--Paris, France
09.21.17--Paris, France
09.24.16--Paris, France
09.23.16--Paris, France
09.26.15--Paris, France
09.27.14--Paris, France
09.26.14--Paris, France
09.20.08--Paris France New Morning Jazz Club
09.19.08--Paris France New Morning Jazz Club

Bora Bora and Gustavia shows:

12.29.16--Baz Bar, Gustavia
12.26.15--Baz Bar, Gustavia
12.31.14--Baz Bar, Gustavia
01.16.10--Bloody Mary's, Bora Bora
01.14.10--Bloody Mary's, Bora Bora
12.31.07--Baz Bar, Gustavia
12.31.06--Baz Bar, Gustavia
01.09.06--Le Bete A Zailes, Gustavia
12.30.05--Le Bete A Zailes, Gustavia

Regular Tour Shows:

04.21.17--ChristChurch, NZ
04.18.17--Wellington, NZ
03.28.17--Solana Beach, CA
05.23.16--Austin City Limits, Austin TX
10.22.15--Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl (Note this show was not broadcast live on either RM or Margaritaville TV due to technical issues)
12.14.13--Honolulu HI, Waikiki Shell (Songs from St. Somewhere Tour Show)
01.28.04--Waikiki HI
01.24.04--Anaheim, CA
04.26.03--Las Vegas, NV
10.01.02--Phoenix, AZ
08.27.02--Wantagh, NY
08.19.02--Indianapolis, IN CIP Charity Fundraiser
05.25.02--Las Vegas, NV
11.10.01--Minneapolis, MN
09.27.01--Tinley Park, IL
05.22.01--Phoenix, AZ
02.26.01--West Palm Beach, FL
02.08.01--Orlando, FL
09.02.00--Boston, MA
08.31.00--Boston, MA
07.13.00--Atlanta, GA
04.29.00--Irvine, CA
04.25.00--Phoenix, AZ
04.22.00--Chula Vista, CA
12.09.00--West Palm Beach, FL
12.07.99--Houston, TX
12.04.99--New Orleans, LA
12.02.99--Orlando, FL
08.23.99--Columbus, OH
08.21.99--Cincinnati OH
08.17.99--Tinley Park, IL
07.20.99--St. Louis, MO
07.10.99--Atlanta, GA
07.08.99--Atlanta, GA
06.15.99--Raleigh, NC
06.08.99--Clarkston, MI
06.05.99--Camden, NJ
06.01.99--Charlotte, NC
12.02.98--Mobile, AL
10.11.98--Irvine ,CA
10.06.98--Mountain View, CA
07.25.98--Cincinnati, OH
02.21.98--Santa Monica, CA
02.17.98--Auburn Hills, MI
02.16.98--Auburn Hills, MI
02.11.98--Knoxville TN
10.26.97--Mountain View, CA
08.22.97--Columbia, MD
06.20.97--Tinley Park, IL
02.22.97--West Palm Beach, FL
06.18.96--Atlanta, GA
06.15.96--Columbus, OH
09.23.95--Cincinnati, OH
08.05.95--Columbus, OH
07.16.94--Columbus, OH
07.04.93--Clarkston, MI
07.03.93--Clarkston, MI
07.03.92--Clarkston, MI
06.14.92--Raleigh, NC
06.12.92--Atlanta, GA
05.23.92--Columbia, MD
07.26.91--Clarkston, MI
08.11.90--Noblesville, IN
07.22.90--Williamsburg, VA
04.25.90--Worcester, MA
07.15.88--Clarkston, MI

In addition to the items listed above we are looking the 2002 Far side of the World radio special that aired on Radio Margaritaville

Re: Jokelben Server want list **Updated 2/21/16**

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:46 pm
by urlcenter
Bumping this back up as the list has been both updated and reorganized since its last update

Re: Jokelben Server want list **Updated 6/30/17**

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:10 pm
by urlcenter
This list has been updated with a few more items

Re: Jokelben Server want list **Updated 04/02/18**

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:17 pm
by urlcenter
The want list is updated as 4/2/18 with a few new additions