Tallahassee FL 11-19-17 Download Link

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Tallahassee FL 11-19-17 Download Link

Post by urlcenter » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:11 am

Here is the link to download the audio recording of 11-19-17 Hurricane Benefit show in Tallahassee FL

http://www.buffettnews.com/forum/viewto ... 29&t=97532

Concert video is also available for download from Jokelben 2.0 please note the concert video is broken into 3 parts as follows:

Preshow Recovery (00:15:35, 233MB): This is about the recovery efforts so far in Key West and other areas of Florida.
Concert Caroline Jones (00:49:50, 761MB): The second video is the opening act performance by Caroline Jones.
Concert Main Program (02:47:30, 2.49GB): The third video is the complete main show, starting at the Bing & Bong preshow.

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