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“Buffet Hotel” Song Samples

posted November 21st, 2009 at 12:22 pm

by Josh Martin

Mailboat Records has samples of each song from Jimmy Buffett’s new album “Buffet Hotel” that will be released on December 8th.

Click here to listen to the samples.

Amazon currently has “Buffet Hotel” available for pre-order for only $7.99. Pre-Order Now!

From listening to the samples, what song do you think will be your favorite?

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Buffett Lends Vocals on Peter Mayer’s New Album

posted November 2nd, 2009 at 10:40 pm

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by Josh Martin

Longtime Coral Reefer Band guitarist Peter Mayer has a new album dropping on Wednesday and Jimmy Buffett lends his vocals on one of the tracks.

The CD is entitled Goodbye Hello and Buffett duets with Mayer on the Beatles hit “Rocky Raccoon”.

Goodbye Hello will be available Wednesday at LittleFlockMusic.com or at the annual Meeting of the Minds convention in Key West. Peter Mayer and other Coral Reefers will be performing at the parrothead pilgrimage.

Below is a clip of “We Can Work It Out” from the album:

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Track List for Buffett’s New Album

posted October 27th, 2009 at 10:22 am

by Josh Martin

Margaritaville.com and Mailboat Records has additional information on Jimmy Buffett’s new album “Buffet Hotel”, including the full track list:

A brand new studio album, named for an old colonial era train station/hotel Jimmy ran across in Timbuktu, Mali during a trip to the “Festival In The Desert,” will feature Summerzcool, A Lot To Drink About, Surfing In a Hurricane and 9 other new songs!

The title track has a strong West African influence and was conceived during that same trip to Mali for the music festival. “It was one of the best musical experiences of my life,” said Jimmy. The Buffet Hotel was the venue for the music scene that exploded in Mali after its independence in 1960.

In addition to the Coral Reefer Band, the album also includes guest artists Sonny Landreth, Jake Shimabukuro, Cedric Burnside, Steve “Lightnin'” Malcome and Toumani Diabate. Produced by Mike Utley and Mac McAnally, the release also features a 24-page booklet with lyrics, stories behind the song, and how Jimmy went to West Africa looking for stories, and returned with an album. “…Stories are still the things good songs are made of,” said Jimmy.

1. Nobody From Nowhere
2. Wings
3. Big Top
4. Beautiful Swimmers
5. Turn Up The Heat and Chill The Rose
6. Summerzcool
7. Rhumba Man
8. We Learned To Be Cool From You
9. Surfing In a Hurricane
10. Life Short Call Now
11. Buffet Hotel
12. A Lot To Drink About

“Buffet Hotel” contains 12 great new songs, and also includes a 24-page booklet printed on recycled paper. The CD was influenced by a trip to the West African “Festival In The Desert,” a music event that takes place annually near Timbuktu. It was in Bamako that Jimmy discovered Buffet Hotel, an old colonial era train station/hotel, which was where the music scene flourished in Mali in the 60’s. This collection includes a few songs that Jimmy premiered during the 2009 summer tour, including “Summerzcool” and “A Lot To Drink About.” Guest artists on the album include Sonny Landreth, Jake Shimabukuro, Cedric Burnside, Steve “Lightnin'” Malcolm and Toumani Diabate, and was produced by long-time Coral Reefers Mike Utley and Mac McAnally.

Pre-Order now from Amazon.com or Mailboat Records. The album will be released December 8th.

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New Buffett Album out Dec. 8th

posted October 17th, 2009 at 10:15 am

by Josh Martin

Amazon has listed the new Jimmy Buffett album “Buffet Hotel”. The release date is December 8th.

No other details are available from Amazon, but we have more information here.

We expect the album to include the following songs that have been played on tour the last two years:

  • We’re Still Here
  • A Lot to Drink About
  • Surfing in a Hurricane
  • Summerzcool
  • Buffet Hotel
  • Wings

The title of the new album (and song) were conceived during a trip to the “Festival in the Desert,” a music festival that takes place annually near Timbuktu, Mali. It was there that Jimmy ran across a place called “Buffet Hotel,” somewhere that Jimmy describes as a “train station-slash-whorehouse.”

Pre-Order now through Amazon

(hat tip to Adam for passing this along)

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Boston Globe Interviews Buffett

posted June 25th, 2009 at 10:15 am

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by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett is performing in Boston today and Saturday and the Boston Globe caught up to him recently for a short interview:

Q. You haven’t been afraid to let loose lately about the state of the country. What’s up with that?

A. There’s a lot of stupidity going around on all sides. The country bought it all, and I thought people needed to be reminded about how stupid they were. And it’s an ongoing saga. I can certainly put more verses in “A Lot to Drink About’’ as we go along. For instance, I noticed that the schools are closing in Los Angeles, but the Lakers were just given a parade. There’s no end to the crazy things going on.

Q. Did you get swept up in the Madoff scandal yourself?

A. No, it all smelled like a rat in the beginning. I guess I’ve worked with so many crooked promoters that I can smell ’em. Money made on moving money around never interested me.

Q. How has the recession affected your tour? Is this the year the bubble bursts and some people will not come to see you?

A. No, we’re doing great. Thank God there are people out there who like what we’re doing. They haven’t put us on a list of things they’re not going to do because of the economy. This is their vacation and they’re not going to give it up. They may not go to Florida or buy a new car, but they won’t miss our show. I wanted to find out right away, so we went on sale early with a Detroit show – they’ve been as hard hit as anywhere – and it sold out in 20 minutes. I’m very grateful.

Read the entire interview here.

The Boston Herald also has an article out today comparing Jimmy Buffett and Warren Buffett: “Mango and cash: Jimmy Buffett and Warren Buffett live in two different worlds … or do they?”

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Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed Inventor Dies at 92

posted June 19th, 2009 at 3:01 pm

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by Josh Martin

An obscure Jimmy Buffett song is being referenced today in news articles. John Joseph Houghtaling, the inventor of the “Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed”, died on Wednesday at his home in Florida. Buffett’s single “This Hotel Room”, written by the late Steve Goodman, mentions the bed:

They got a room service menu for food and drinks
A porcelain throne and an aluminum sink
Two big pillows to rest my head
A magic fingers and a king size bed
Put in a quarter, turn out the light
Magic fingers makes you feel alright
Feel alright, feel alright
Magic fingers makes you feel alright

The Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume is apparently a parrothead. In a January interview, Hume sang the lyrics to “This Hotel Room” to former President George W. Bush and his father when they mentioned a vibrating chair in the Oval Office.

Read more on Houghtaling and the Magic Fingers bed here.

The single “This Hotel Room” appeared on the 1976 album Havana Daydreamin’. Download the song now from iTunes or Amazon MP3.

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