Beautiful Swimmers (Demo Version)

by Jimmy Buffett

This version of the song was a demo from the album “Far Side of the World.”


Marilyn Monroe did a night shoot in a pool
Posing naked for a playboy spread
She was old, but she still was cool
When they wrapped just after midnight
And the crew went to the bar
Norma Jean just did the backstroke
Like she was hangin’ from a star

‘Cause Beautiful Swimmers just know how to move
Slidin’ cross the water like a steel guitar
Beautiful Swimmers they stay in a groove
As they wonder near and far

Standing in a tidal pool just east of Baltimore
Watching little blue crabs navigate the eastern shore
Every puddle stream and river in time runs to the sea
Every soft shell, shrimp and flander knows the choreography
‘Cause Beautiful Swimmers just know how to move
It’s not a calculation
Beautiful Swimmers just feel the groove
Ask any dark crustacean

I miss my dorsal fin, my scales and my gills
I miss my tail and all the things, da da da

If I was as rich as the ocgacon
I tell you what I would do
Buy every woman child and man on this plant
A mask and a snorkle too
Then I’d give them a place, a day and a time
To march down to the shore
Stick their heads under the water
And hear the silence roar

‘Cause Beautiful Swimmers they know how to move
Riding on a current in silent time
Beautiful Swimmers they stay in a groove
Da Da Da Da Da