N908JB – Falcon 900B

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Jimmy Buffett bought the Falcon 900B in 2004. This jet is not the first Falcon that Buffett has owned, however. He had a Falcon 50, N502JB, before upgrading to the 900.

Jimmy holds a DA-50 type rating, meaning he is qualified to act as pilot-in-command of the Falcon.

The Falcon 900 is an intercontinental three-engine business jet built by Dassault-Falcon of France and based on the earlier Falcon 50. The first 900 flew on September 21, 1984. The 900B model entered production in 1991 with improved engines and range. Though the B model is no longer produced, the 900 lineage continues today with the 900DX, 900EX, and 900LX.

General Info
Manufacturer: Dassault Falcon
Model: 900B
N-Number: N908JB
Year: 1992
Serial Number: 112

Max Cruise
500 knots
Normal Cruise
466 knots
Max Range: 4,080 nm
Max Altitude: 51,000 ft

Engines (3)    
Manufacturer: Honeywell
Model: TFE731-5BR
Engine Thrust: 4,750 lbs each

Landing in St. Maarten

Landing in St. Maarten
photo by Anthony Jackson

Falcon 900

photo by Thomas N.F. Niepel