Buffett to Host Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

posted August 8th, 2016 at 9:17 pm

by Josh Martin

Despite his “endorsement” on April Fools Day of Donald Trump (hehe), Jimmy Buffett will host a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton later this month in the Hamptons.

The Democratic nominee, whose campaign is currently focused on recruiting Republicans disgusted with Donald Trump into the fold, is packing in up to nine big-dollar events during a Hamptons fundraising sprint beginning Aug. 28 and ending Aug. 30, according to three sources familiar with the campaign’s fundraising strategy.
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Singer Jimmy Buffett, a Montauk resident, is expected to host a Clinton fundraiser at his home, the sources said.

And Loews CEO Jonathan Tisch and Rudin Management bigwig Bill Rudin have sent out invitations to a $33,400-a-head dinner they are co-hosting.

Clinton is also planning to attend fundraising dinners in Sagaponack, Quogue and East Hampton, hosted by donors like hedge fund manager and art collector Adam Sender; philanthropist Barbara Lee Diamonstein-Spielvogel and Carl Spielvogel, former U.S. ambassador to the Slovak Republic; and Infor CEO Charles Phillips and longtime Clinton donor Alan Patricof.

Jimmy has hosted and performed at many political fundraisers and rallies over the years for Democratic candidates and environmental causes.

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  • Jamie

    Jimmy, so disappointed that you would actually share your politicaly views! You are an entertainer, but also a sell out!….crossing the line has crossed you off my list! Hillary is a liar and would ruin our country with all her shadiness and ties to other countries who could blackmail the US. So disappointed you are so short sighted. Peace out!

    • Adam J. Reizner

      You aren’t much of a fan, Jamie, if you didn’t know Jimmy’s political views prior to this announcement. Jimmy has always been clear that he is a liberal. One did not have to listen closely to “Something to Drink About” to figure it out.

    • Ken Smith

      Maybe Jimmy is disappointed in you ! He’s very informed and not at all short sighted.

      • Lynette

        If he was that informed, he wouldn’t be backing Hillary.

    • Ken N

      I feel for you Jamie. I was crushed to learn of Chachi’s views. Next thing you know Ted Nugent will get all political.

    • Steve Ridling

      What! Entertainers aren’t “allowed” to share their political views? Or is it that it’s not you’re political view? Lol’s

      • o000o

        It’s strongly disappointing to see someone whose music/philosophy/milieu was so much fun align themselves with someone so … disturbingly corrupt. Would have been a prudent cycle to have scheduling conflicts.

        Even had he come down on the other side of this, there would be reservations about the decision to at least partially alienate a significant portion of the people who have funded the plane, the lifestyle, the restaurant chain.

        Will be skipping past Margarita-ville on XM for a while anyway. And anywhere else I trip over the brand.

    • T.A. Barnhart

      Jimmy’s done this for years. he’s an avowed liberal & makes no bones about it. he supported Al Gore, has recorded songs to warn about climate change, and has raised money for Dems frequently. you can enjoy his music despite this, of course. if you can’t, you probably don’t get his music.

      • Lynette

        We should be voting for the candidate, NOT the party!! And you’re aware that both parties are controlled by the same people, right????

  • Jamie Crippin

    Say it ain’t so Jimmy.

  • Ken N

    Way to go Jimmy! Proud of ya!

  • Sandra R

    Jimmy isn’t the only entertainer to announce his political views. At least he’s trying to take an active part in what happens in this country he fought for. Thank you Jimmy for what you do now and for your service back then.

    • Betty Martin Renolds

      Jimmy was never in the service. He spent all those years during Vietnam in college.

    • Ric Yrabedra

      Jimmy never served in any military, he recieved a college deferment from the draft.

  • Exspaceman

    I’m a conservative and loathe most liberal views and definitely do not like that criminal, Hillary but I’ll be damned if I don’t love JB’s music! I’ve seen him 33 times in concert and would gladly see him 33 more! You gotta get passed the politics and just enjoy the music! Finsup!

  • Michelle

    I’m a parrothead and just can’t wrap my head around this, she’s so deceitful, chgs a lot.

    • Lynette

      Read Trance-Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien………..not a good picture of Jimmy Buffett!!!! He’s deeper into the mind control than you think.

  • J.w. Allen

    Seriously JB? Didnt know you had Alzheimer’s!

  • Debbie Northrup

    Every election he supports the democrats and flies around Florida with the candidates and does free concerts with the candidates on the Monday before the elections and after the Meeting of the Minds in Key West that weekend. Nothing new?

  • Marsha Boylan

    We were disappointed when Jimmy didn’t cancel his concert in NC (as many other artists did) because of the LBGT laws that had been recently passed. You’re back in our good graces JB! Hope you help Clinton raise a ton of money to put the giant to rest.

  • ChrisR.

    Having read some of the comments here, I will state The Chillaxing Party endorses themselves for President and Vice President. Having said that, we fully respect others opinions who may not agree with our comical stand. Because they may not agree with us, does not make them our enemy. People who cast aside friends because of political views are part of the problem. Join the Chillaxing Party! We put the PARTY back in politics! The Republican ans Democratic candidates are just TOO wound up! Join the Chillaxing Party! https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheChilaxingParty/

  • HHP

    I don’t know where I’m a’ going to go when the volcano blows…

  • Lewis Kalmbach

    Truth be told…Buffet is a damn good Democrat. Of course he support Hilary. She’s not perfect but the alternative…I mean come on… Wish I could afford to be at that concert!

    The GOP has Loretta Lynn. So there.

  • thailarry

    Jimmy is in the same House of Rep district as myself. He helped defeat Adam West 4 years ago and is supporting Patrick Murphy against Rubio. He played the White House for Bill Clinton’s birthdays days in the 1990. He is one of the richest entertainers in the world and still works for the little guy. Thanks Jimmy.


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