Cryptic Message from Jimmy Promises Something That We’re “Really Going to Like”

posted January 27th, 2015 at 9:40 pm

by Josh Martin

A cryptic message was sent out today by Jimmy Buffett:

There are so few things left that Jimmy has never done before – this will be one of them and we think you’re really going to like it….

The video says “back to the island… coming February 2nd”

So what do you think the surprise is?

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  • Peter Mazza

    Margaritaville,Syracuse opens on Monday, 2 february 2015…perhaps a surprise show in upstate NY

    • Lisa Jacobson Whitmore

      I’m hoping that is the case Peter, I’m here!

  • The Captain

    Hopefully it means he is headed back to Bocas Del Toro!!

  • Ken Carriker

    The second video was released today and it says, “You can do some cruisin’, too.” I think there’s going to be some sort of cruise line tie-in. It’s a natural fit, too.

  • jane moergen

    Well, Feb 2 is my birthday,so maybe he is sweeping me back to the island with him???

  • Amuseme

    Something he’s never done before, huh? A cruise… KW to Cuba! ;-)

  • Wyliemotto

    Well if he’s gonna open a Margaritaville store in Syracuse on 2/2..He’ll probably only sing one song and get out..Damn, ” Boat Drinks..I got to go where it’s WARM” This weather sucks !

  • Phillip R

    I dunno, but I wish it were him playing the SB halftime show! Someday perhaps.


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