Jimmy Buffett Caption Contest

posted August 25th, 2013 at 8:34 pm

by Josh Martin

The summer tour just ended and Buffett’s got a few weeks off, so it’s a great time for another Buffett Caption Contest.

Take a look at the photo below:

Post your creative, funny caption in the comments section of this post.

After a few days we’ll take some of the best captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

Have fun!

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  • Clarksa

    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

  • Ewald

    It’s 5 o’clock dinner

  • Heather Lynn

    I said fins to the RIGHT..

  • Geoff

    Tuna Melts for the crew!

  • Dave

    The obvious choice”Got Sushi”

  • alx rocks

    I was looking for my lost shaker of salt.

  • surfpirate

    Hey! Discovery Channel! That’s right ….. Tunado! No? Wait! Volcanoftuna!

  • Matt

    “Tuna from a can? Tuna from a bucket??? I get mine fresh off the coast of Nantucket!”

  • Mike

    Fins to the deck

  • Jeff

    I’ve got to stop wishin’, got to go fishin’

  • Nikki Anderson

    Jolly Man sang for his supper…..

  • MargaritavilleTx

    I can tune a guitar but I can’t Tuna fish!

  • Pam

    …..it was like all of a sudden there was this feeding frenzy, and then this guy just jumped up on stage with me!

  • Paw Paw

    Fins on. Boat drinks all around.

  • TraWa

    Now that’s a big one!

  • Craig Faanes

    Earl’s dead….fishing boat for sale.

  • Angela Vislay Taiclet

    “And this is just what I’m using for bait!”

  • Marlene Castle

    Margaritaville Fishtales – And this was the little one……..
    you shold have seen the one that got way!

  • Cparker

    I was fishing in the cooler when my friend landed this fish! I’m just holding it for him.

  • Sally

    Holy Mackerel

  • http://www.myspace.com/flemingokey ConchRepublican

    For the last time, I’m Jimmy Buffett, not Howard Livingston!!!!

  • Gordon

    Now If I use this as bait I might I might get a landshark

  • Gordon

    Now if I use this as bait I might get a landshark

  • S Barton

    “Something about a boat….. Something about a fish…..

  • Cap’n Pete

    The Old Man and the Sea

  • Webby

    “The weather is here, fishin’ for some news from you..”

  • Jolly Man

    Is this thing going to fit in one of those little cans?

  • Annieme71


  • Dukeof Earl

    Now I’m sure I’ll never sing out of tuna!

  • Hula Girl

    Well some days you’re the Tuna and some days you’re the Sardine! Ta Daaaa!

    Hula Girl – AZPHC

  • Rickey Davis

    Thats no way to tuna-fish !!

  • Erica

    And now I must confess, I could use some rest

    I can’t reel at this pace very long…

  • Nate Houston

    I always thought I smelled fish when Jimmy opened his legs…..

  • Dan D

    … I like mine with Soy and Wasabi …

  • Cathy

    The Tuna That Grandpa Rode

  • cdc

    Hey Boudreaux – do you see FINS UP?

  • Sunphan84

    Sure glad the teeth are headed the other way !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy N Miller

    Son of a son of a sailor

  • FloridaSRQboi

    wow, Jimmy what a huge hunk of meat there between your legs

  • bm2bob

    Got to stop wishing got to go

  • Matt

    “I don’t know where imma gonna go, big tuna roll”

  • Crowleygator

    Papa? Meet Bubba!

  • DeeDub

    And here’s my promo for “Big Fish!”

  • Mauidawg

    “You grab the peanut butter, I’ll grab the big sardine.”

  • Marc Collins

    Gonna need a couple CASES of the new Margaritaville marinade of mine!!!!

  • Marc Collins

    She’s got a set of gills like no fish I’ve ever seen……………….

  • Marc Collins

    ……………………………….I think I’ll have the catch of the day

  • Barbseagrl

    Phishin the Fins way !!..( Buffett style)

  • mermaid

    ok jimmy I smiled for the photo now throw me back in !

  • Mellie Hayslip

    But I got stop wishin’, got to go fishin’ !

  • Ernie

    I asked for a tuna sandwich and this is what they brought!

  • Sydney Steve

    Many a good tuna played by an old fiddler

  • Mary

    That’s one ef–FIN big fish !

  • Trey

    Found me a new guitar tuna!

  • Kelly Sheffler Schwimer

    No! No! No! It’s not the big catch, I’m just happy to see you!

  • Bobby McQueen

    Gonna need a huge jar of mayonnaise!

  • Judy Hicks

    Sang a tune-a to a tuna and he jumped at my line. “Take me down to Mallory Square and we’ll have a good time! ^^

  • Kathryn Levine Osborne

    great white way – here we come!



  • kim


  • Cmcladylisa

    Stuff it stuff it stuff it,,,,oh wait it already is

  • Brad Buckrop

    I’m gonna need to go down to rock bottom again and again to collect the decoys.

  • Brad Buckrop

    Fresh Sushi for the cast party ? I don’t think so, not this one, Sorry Charley, this one is for Mardi Gras pre-party or maybe for the pre party before my birthday,you know the season formerly known as advent.

  • Jim

    I Got It! The 2014 Summer Tuna Tour!

  • Debbie Dilks-brittingham

    A tuna burger in paradise!!!!

  • Brad Buckrop

    quick boys get to scanning this nut breaker with the Japenize Geiger counter!

  • FINS UP2

    … Hmmm? Margaritaville Tuna. How do I get this in a can?

  • BajaHoney

    Take this Miley!

  • William Sharp

    Sashimi’s on me!

  • Sasquatch Saich

    This may look like a big fish,…….but, I’ve got BIGGER fish to fry on Broadway!

  • Daryl Pryor

    Is that Miley? or can tuna’s Twerk too?

  • Marilyn

    Throw it back – it’s not a Landshark!

  • Flamingal

    A permanent reminder of a temporary situation….

  • scott sabados

    Now… lunch can last forever!

  • rrbike64

    This has to be the ugliest mermaid ever!

  • Matt

    “A Tuna froma can can’t singa tuna inna bucket, I catch mine fresh singin off the coast of Nantucket”

  • Olga

    There’s something about a tuna on a boat!

  • Minnesotarita

    Fins to the left, Fins to the right, Fins on the deck of my boat tonight

  • SM

    Sorry Charlie

  • Sunlover

    It is “5′ o’clock somewhere”, anyone care for some sushi?

  • jim fox

    it’s a nantucket cutie, ’nuff food for sailors these days!

  • Johnny Tomson

    Now to properly take the temperature of the tuna one must first spread the fingers apart as so….!

  • gtrsteve

    When you go after JAWS bring the tarter sauce

  • Gillian Dionne

    Is that a tuna in your pants or are you glad to see me?

  • Andy Wagner

    …and THAT’s where the trouble began!

  • Gale

    Fins Up no wait……

  • Gale

    Fins Up, no wait….


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