Jimmy Catches a Big Fish

posted August 23rd, 2013 at 8:45 am

by Josh Martin

On Wednesday, in between Jones Beach shows, Jimmy took to the waters off Nantucket for some fishing. Check out his catch!


“Look what ran into my line this morning!” he tells USA TODAY through his rep.

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The singer/songwriter/surfer, 66, caught a very large tuna in the ocean waters off Nantucket while enjoying a day off between Jones Beach concerts in the New York area. It weighed in at 350 pounds and was 74 inches long.

That’s one big fish, Jimmy!

And no, his publicist assures USA TODAY, it’s not a stunt for his upcoming Broadway musical, Big Fish. But it sure could be.

In fact, Jimmy’s rep tells USA TODAY that he was surprised by the catch, which took him about an hour to reel in.

(hat tip Dean and Ann)

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  • Chase Simino

    Free tuna steaks at Alpine Valley !!!!

    • Chris


  • Robert Seipp

    Nice!!..Is that a Blackfin or Bluefin?


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