Buffett Announces Special Show in Hawaii Where Fans Can Vote for Set List

posted July 16th, 2013 at 7:58 pm

by Josh Martin

In the town that coined the term “parrothead,” Jimmy Buffett announced that he’ll play a show based solely on fan votes.

Midway through the Cincinnati show on Tuesday night, Jimmy said that after the Songs From St. Somewhere Tour ends he’ll head to Hawaii where he’ll play the entire Songs From St. Somewhere Album, and then play a second show where all 27 songs will be decided by online voting. Every song in Buffett’s entire catalog is in the running.

More details as they become available.

What song, out of every Buffett song, would you most like to hear Jimmy sing live?

(hat tip Garrett)

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  • Chad

    First look

    • http://www.buffettworld.com/ Josh Martin

      Great choice

  • Bobby McQueen

    Lage’ Nome’

  • Cooler

    No plane on Sunday

  • Scott

    Hello Texas

  • Steve Philpott

    why don’t we get drunk and screw

  • Linda Sordal

    Captain and the Kid

  • Rob Maloney

    The asshole song

  • ChrisMoss

    Coast of Marseilles, Cowboy in the Jungle, Ballad of Spider John, Reggaebilly Hill.

    • http://www.buffettworld.com/ Josh Martin

      Great calls Chris

  • Rocky

    Livingston Saturday Night, Quietly Making Noise, Creola, They Don’t Dance Like Carmen.

  • David

    12 Volt Man

  • sal

    last mango

  • Ernie

    Barefoot Children in the Rain

  • Michael Earl Hartmann

    Desperation Samba

  • Trey

    Barometer Soup and Jimmy Dreams!

  • Trey

    Nobody Speaks To The Captain No More

  • Trey

    Happily Ever After!!!

  • Trey

    Remittance Man!!!

  • Trey

    Take Another Road and Come To The Moon!

  • michael ristow

    In Hawaii? Dukes on Sunday.

  • Billy Baroo

    Brahma Fear

  • michael ristow
  • billie

    god own drunk

  • RJ

    Little Miss Magic

  • cdboss

    Whose the blonde stranger, Havana Daydreaming

  • Lori Gazella

    Take another road. See you Saturday Jimmy!

  • Stephen Hall

    12 volt man

  • diane

    one particular harbor

  • Karl

    Love in The Library

  • Rob

    Tin Cup Chalice

  • xlchjoe


  • nathan

    turning around

  • tab

    If the Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me

  • Mark Austin

    Please take my drunken 15 year old girlfriend home

  • Karen Maxwell

    come Monday.

  • Thomas V. Taylor III

    Love and Luck

  • Chris

    Please Bypass This Heart! Oh man I have to go to Hawaii..

  • Subee

    They’re Sending the Old Man Home, Come Monday, God’s Own Drunk

  • Ignorance

    Interesting that most of these don’t go further back than FLORIDAYS! I’d kill to hear some of the songs he’s NEVER performed live, like My Lovely Lady, or West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown. Come on guys! Dig further back! :)

    • Ignorance

      **correction, to WNGBG…he has played this one live, but not since the 70s.

  • Office Goddess

    Tin Cup Chalice, my favorite for all times. “I wanna go back to the island”

  • btb

    breathe in breathe out move on

  • Pj Oiler

    a lot to drink about..

  • JimmyisAwesome

    Coast of Marsielles…he played an acoustic version in Charleston SC for a Hurricane Hugo Benefit concert and it was my favorite moment in a very special concert. He just sat on the edge of the stage and played.

  • El

    Gotta be Hula Girl at Heart!

  • anita

    Breathe in, breathe out, move on. ”
    I bought a cheap watch from a crazy man, floating down Canal…”

  • Pat

    12 volt Man!!!!! Cowboy in the Jungle

  • Ed

    Ellis Dee

  • jmichael

    False Echos and Jimmy Dreams

  • JonL

    Knees of my heart

  • Jeannie Nunnally

    That’s what living is to me

  • Brown Idgal

    What I wouldn’t do for you

  • Trey

    Here it is:

    One Particular Harbor

    Take Another road

    That’s What Living Is To Me

    Barefoot Children

    Pirate Looks At Forty

    Twelve Volt Man

    Captain And The Kid

    Tin Cup Chalice

    Jimmy Dreams

    Southern Cross

    Havana Daydreamin’

    Last Mango In Paris

    Barometer Soup

    Cowboy In The Jungle

    Five O’Clock Somehwere

    Changing Channels

    Jolly Mon

    Hula Girl At Heart

    Knee Deep

    I Have Found Me A Home

    Remittance Man


    Happily Ever After

    Far Side Of The World

    When The Coast Is Clear

    Lone Palm

    Bring Back The Magic



  • john

    dukes on sunday

  • Gregory

    Livin it up, Cliches, Beyond the End, Dreamcicle

  • mike

    Please please vote for the songs we never hear. To hell with cheeseburger,fins,margaritaville,5o,clock,volcano no no songs you know by heart. Call it the songs you don’t know by heart. After 20 years of buffett shows 72 total shows I am sick and tired of the same songs year after year boring boring boring.hopefully some true fans vote for songs 12 volt man, west nashville grand ballroom gown. God don’t own a car,ellis dee, take another road, african friend, jimmy dreams. Painting the sky. Death of an unpopular poet, tincup.I have found me a home. Just a few I would pay anything to hear at one show and jimmy once you play these old gems please don’t tuck them away bring these songs to atlanta pittsburgh cincy, virginia we want to hear these songs

  • Sourtherngirl

    Buddy Bear!

  • Jennifer

    “Banana Republic” or “They Dont Dance Like Carmen No More”

  • Chase Simino

    Banana Republics

  • Matt

    Gods own drunk, the whino and I know, presents to send you, nautical wheelers, dallas, trying to reason, tin cup chalice… Actually just do the whole A1A album.

    • Matt

      And start out with everyones got a cousin in miami.

  • Jim

    Stranded On A Sandbar, Little Miss Magic, Last Line, Salty Piece Of Land, First Look, Banana Wind, Scarlet Begonias

  • Mike

    nobody speaks to the captain no more

  • Kyle S.

    School Boy Heart

  • clay

    he went to paris

  • Jimmy

    Are you a big JIMMY BUFFET fan? Do you know any?
    Do you have tickets to his December 14th concert in beautiful Waikiki, Hawaii? We are shooting a project documenting Parrotheads who love Jimmy Buffet and the Margaritaville way of life. If you plan on attending his 12/14 show, we would like to talk to you about being included in the video, which will involve participation on either 12/12 or 13, as well as at the concert itself! This project is being sponsored by a well-known Fortune 500 company. Please call 212-736-3663 or email casting@kipperman.com for more information.

  • Jose

    Are the any details to this fan vote? Is it real? I havent seen anything else about it yet

  • John

    Ballad of Skip Wiley

  • snoopy

    God’s Own Drunk,


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