Bill Nelson Enlisting Buffett in Senate Campaign

posted October 11th, 2012 at 10:29 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett will help US Senator Bill Nelson kick off a statewide campaign tour on Friday:

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson will kick off a statewide campaign tour Friday with a brief show in Sanford featuring an acoustic performance by Jimmy Buffett.

The Buffett stop will be at 3:45 at Avion Jet Center at Orlando-Sanford International Airport, 2841 Flightline Ave. Sanford.

The Nelson campaign will be providing details on the other stops on the tour later.

The event will be the kickoff of a two-week, 19-stop tour that will include senior centers, college campuses and local small businesses in towns, cities and communities from the Panhandle to South Florida.

Nelson faces Republican challenger U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV.

Buffett will also play a fundraiser for President Barack Obama at 5 pm.

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  • Mr. WOW

    My heart breaks a little more every time Jimmy decides to play politics!
    Why can’t he just be a kick ass munition, poet and writer?

  • Piratehead420

    Mr. Wow – Because Jimmy cares, that’s why. 

    He dedicates his time and money to the side of good. 

  • Slectons

    Showed up at the Nelson rally in Sanford with 7 other Parrotheads. We were not on the list and were asked to leave. So, the only people allowed to stay were already supporting Senator Nelson. What is the sense in this? Also, what would it have hurt to let us stay and listen to both the Senator and Jimmy?

  • Finsup3

    I’ve been a Buffett fan for years attending at least one show a year driving hours across state lines to do so.  Although, I’ve known Jimmy to show his political alliances in the past I’m to a point where I feel my supporting Jimmy directly impacts the welfare of our great country.  Sadly, I will no longer consciously be giving my hard earned money to anybody who funnels it to political interests that I feel are harmful.  It’s been nice knowing ya Jimmy.  I’ll treasure the memories!!

    btw….Mr Wow….couldn’t agree more!! 


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