American Idol Contestant Butchers Buffett’s Name and Song

posted January 26th, 2012 at 1:07 pm

by Josh Martin

On Wednesday night’s American Idol, a contestant who goes by the name Magic Cyclops butchered not only a Jimmy Buffett song, but also his name.

At the audition in Aspen, judge Randy Jackson asks Magic Cyclops what he’s going to sing and he says it’s their choice, either Neil Diamond or James Buffet (pronouncing it Boo-fay). Judge Jennifer Lopez decodes the name, telling Jackson he means Jimmy Buffett.

After singing Neil Diamond, Magic Cyclops proceeds to butcher the chorus of “Margaritaville.”

Watch below:

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  • BigKahuna Brew

    What an ass hat! I guess he got on TV, and that was his goal!

  • Chris Moss

    And why is this show still on the air?  Ugh.  Must cleanse myself.  

  • finsfan

    Guy looked like a disguised Hugh Laurie to me.

  • parrotheadsareidiots

    Really? Jimmy Buffet fans are critiquing music?

    • Geeky Randy

      Obviously you’ve never listened to “He Went to Paris”, “Twelve Volt Man” or “Death of An Unpopular Poet”.  Yay for having another person who thinks they know what their talking about when they really don’t; what a pleasure.  I envy you.

    • Reddodrph

      Just ur name tells me that u r an ass that doesn’t appreciate fun (not perfect-pitch and studio made music)..
      Parrot heads are about fun and a casual lifestyle and u obviously are a priss that doesn’t appreciate that.
      What a shame.

  • Chookalana

    you realize this guy isn’t serious right? It’s a schtick 

    • Geeky Randy

      An unoriginal shtick.  The last thing the world needs is another idiot contradicting him/herself.

  • stan

    magic cyclops rules hard! and honestly no one cares about jimmy buffet

  • RumShopRyan

    Ha! I watched this. This guy was a tool bag, but it was probably an idol first with someone singing a Buffett tune. I’ll give him props for that!

  • Geeky Randy

    This guy did this whole act in hopes of getting noticed.  He never planned on going on “Idol” to TRY.  What’s even worse is show amused his unoriginal idea.  I can take a joke, but it’s pathetic how shameless people are these days.  Yet another reason to hate “American Idol”.

  • Rachmasterflex

    I love Magic Cyclops! <3 proud to say he's from my home town. He's a hilarious man/comedian / performer. All you jerks should just quit being butt heads and leave the guy alone.

  • Redsilklion

    I have this twitchy feeling in the back of my skull that this is Jermaine from Flight of the Concords.   Does anyone else see that?


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