Democrats Turn to Buffett to Get Out The Vote in Florida

posted October 28th, 2010 at 11:22 pm

by Josh Martin

According to the National Journal, Florida Democrats are reaching out to Jimmy Buffett hoping he’ll help get out the vote in the state ahead of Tuesday’s election:

Florida Democratic sources tell National Journal that Sink’s campaign, panicked by what it considered an alarming advantage for Republicans in early vote totals so far, on Wednesday called Florida’s senior Senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, to seek his help in bringing Buffett into the mix. Nelson then called former Senate colleague, Bob Graham, to reach out to Buffett. Graham has been personal friends with Buffett since the early 1980s and it was Graham’s relationship with Buffett that brought him into state Democratic politics when Graham was governor. Graham called Buffett Thursday and asked him to do as many events as possible on Monday, election eve. Buffett said his schedule prevented that, but he is considering some involvement in get-out-the-vote efforts this weekend, Democratic sources said.

Earlier this month Jimmy played a fundraiser for gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink.

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  • Sam Melody

    In my opinion – Buffett just needs to stay out of politics, unless of course, if he is going to run for office.

  • Kiwibird

    Hey, Sam Melody.. I SECOND THE MOTION!! Well said!
    I also believe that Buffett has no idea or comprehension of what the Democratic Party stands for… And, I think perhaps
    he enjoys rubbing elbows with the Hollywood Liberals?!

    Another ridiculous comment he made in one of his books..
    He mentioned that he came from a family that alway had supported the Democrats, therefore, he will probably always be a Democrat too. Well now… that’s a good reason..!? Does he not realize that the Democratic Party is no longer the same Patry of his parents and relatives??? Many of us came from former Democratic families…but when their platform changed, so did our our choice of the Democrat Party. Do a little homework..Jimmy! I cannot believe you aren’t actually more Conservative in your thinking.

  • Randall Crawford

    C’mon Jimmy; you know better than to get involved in this kinda politics. No doubt Barack and Bill Clinton are cool to hang out with and have lunch with, but certainly, with your visionary eyes, you can see the road BO is leading us down, and where you would be without capitalism in YOUR life? C’mon man…you’re smarter than that. You’ve got a lot of good capitalist fans, and who the hell thinks buys your mechandise, goes to your shows, and eats in your restaurant. As a businessman, I sure as hell won’t post political signs in my business, and won’t talk politics with clients: if I want to keep their business that is. Keep writing your songs, doing your thing, and leave this alone. I’ve been a fan of your for 30 years…this is bad business…

  • Josh

    I think Jimmy’s a Democrat primarily because of environmental issues.

    And Jimmy has never espoused his political views during a show that I’ve heard. You only know about this because of the age of the internet we now live in.

  • buffet4ever

    Buffet’s a business man first… and whether he admits it or not, many of his fans admire his wit & business acumen just as they admire his laid back, don’t-mess-with-me laissez faire attitude. Since the Democrat Party stands for control, BIG government, laws up the ying yang, and a million different taxes, fees, and way to redistribute our wealth — it’s obvious to most of us that the party & its progressive, socialist tendancies stands at odds w/ Jimmy’s central belief systems.

    or maybe i’m wrong. but i sure hope i’m not.

    the media tends to represent conservatives in an inaccurate light: we stand for individual rights, self-sufficiency, free will, choice over one’s own life (as long as it doesn’t interfere w/ another’s freedoms…), and freedom from big brother (or, in today’s world, Big Sis).

    as for the environment, any true conservative desires to care for the environment. the majority of your conservation monies actually come from conservatives. we just don’t want to be hypocritical and demand that others give up essentials while the elites still tool around in their private jets…or embrace cap & trade which is, obviously, another form of redistribution of wealth (which doesn’t help the environment at all but does further the socialist/progressive agenda).


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