Buffett Makes Fox & Friends over Bush Comments

posted July 9th, 2010 at 4:27 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett is getting some criticism from political conservatives for his comments to the Associated Press earlier this week:

“To me it was more about eight years of bad policy before (Obama) got there that let this happen. It was Dracula running the blood bank in terms of oil and leases,” he said. “I think that has more to do with it than how the president reacted to it.”

Even Fox News’ morning show “Fox & Friends” chimed in today (video below), though host Gretchen Carlson incorrectly stated that the comments were made at a concert. No one here at Buffett World has heard Buffett make partisan political comments at shows.

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  • Kdphf

    Yeah, it’s not the fact that the world knows they can walk all over our current president. Give me a break.

  • http://www.PirateJohn.com PirateJohn

    It’s interesting to see how many hateful comments rightwingers are making. So much for freedom of expression, right? Only if it’s in agreement with their viewpoints I suppose.

    I might add that the EPA had been requiring two devices to close off oil wells in the event of a disaster like this one, and that during the Bush Administration that requirement was changed to one device. In the event of the BP spill that device malfunctioned. So there is clearly an element of truth in what Jimmy says.

  • DeadParrot

    Jimmy should stop sucking up to obama and stick to entertaining. I lost a lot of respect for Jimmy because of this!

  • Billy

    Southern Miss alum and south Mississippi native here. I’ve always been a big Buffett fan as well and hate to see him trying to pass the buck to Bush on the oil leak. Obama was in office for more than a year before it happened which was plenty of time to change any policies he didn’t like.

    I suppose that Bush is also the reason it took 70+ days to accept foreign assistance….

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    Are we forgetting this a country with freedom of speech? If you get mad at someone every time they expressed their opinion we would have respect for no one. Remember Bush is a Texas oil man. BP is the one that should be boycotted, not Lulu’s. The media has to blame some celebrity. He’s trying to help! Where are the other celebrities giving to help the coast? They’re helping other countries. I know they need our help too, but shouldn’t you help you home country FIRST!

    As far as any disaster goes, all the government does is come and look. Then come and look again.(I could to that.) Lastly somebody tries to blames someone for comments (Buffett), each other for the disaster, or reaction to the disaster. Think about all the major hurricanes is happened. Then there is a cover up.

    If you were a Buffett fan and you are not because of this then you were NEVER a true PARROTHEAD!

  • ken

    This is really sad,all my friends all falling to the left.I have been a BUFFETT fan for 25 yrs unreal!!!!!

  • Matt

    It’s a horrible thing that has happened in the Gulf Coast. I thought I heard about a talented stand up guy that decided to do what he does best and put on a benefit concert to help this devastated area and the American People effected. I thought that was great…….then I found out he’s a patrician political, blame somebody I don’t like, close minded, slow witted, ideologue. Can’t anybody just be an American? Rather than Kenny Chesney and the Zac Brown Band, he should have invited Keith Olbermann and Bill O’reilly. I was very disappointed to hear about this.

  • ed sandman

    Who is the blame.
    You are with your big ass planes, oil powered yatches, and gas drinking Land Rovers. I have gone green, no beef for me , no cheaseburgers at your place for me. Please take the photo of my dog in the red wagon off your wall at Duval St. You use to let us in when I was in town. But you stoped that. I need oil to heat my home not fly around in a big ass plane. It is not only Bush but ALL the DC crowed who have not done their jobs. You took advantage of the florida homestead exemption on your big ass PB home while some poor guy just able to rent a home had to cover your homestead expetion. For you it is all about the money.
    I have attached a photo of the my dog so you can find her and take it down from the wall.

  • Dwayne

    Maybe Jimmys brain would fit inside of a parrotts head, sounds like it. Bush maybe an oil man from Texas, but obama is of muslim descent. Americans can forget very quick. (remember who was flying planes on SEPTEMBER 11. ) I will never trust obama. And that is MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH !

  • ken

    I know you are a Conch, born on the very island of Key West ~ guess you can’t express your opinion regarding Buffet, the current or past administration. Since the Obama has never stoppped giving campaign speeches & is more busy “grand-standing” ~ amazing HE has done nothing until very recently! Let me express MY freedom of speech ~ Obama’s a socialist jerk ~ and those that agree with him are too! SO, let’s agree to disagree, and remember ~ if you boycott BP they can’t pay the tab for this MISTAKE (which I’m sure you’ve never made) Sad, very sad all the way around for all of us, including the wildlife ~ them mostly maybe…
    Thank you, another southern miss

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    Some of you are talking about being shallow. Well, shallow is deciding if like someone because of their point of view. That is the very same thing as saying sorry dude but you can’t be my friend because your gay or your not the right race.

  • Dwayne

    No one said any thing about being shallow, gay or race, only you. Do a little research and see who wanted all drilling to be offshore. theres alot of difference between 500 feet deep and 1 mile deep

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    Just sayin’ ………….. if we chose who we liked (meaning Buffett) that would be the same as. I was simply using that as a comparison. I am definately no Obama fan. Example: All I saying is everyone has a right to express their beliefs. Say we have been friends for years. You express your beliefs. I don’t share your beliefs. Our friendship should not end over this. Many fans who supposedly say they have been fans for 20 plus years will no longer be fans. Then they were not true fans to begin with. As far as boycotting BP, you’re right. We shouldn’t. I just think the media needs a scapegoat and Buffett is it because of his views.

  • Dwayne

    That is how obama got elected comander in chief.(pres) if you will. The media and a few nieve electoral vote states that believe everything they hear from people that are in movies, sing and make music or have their own talk show is how they will vote. Now that is shallow. Buffett is still using Former President G.W. Bush as a scapegoat. HEY JIMMY JUST SHUT UP AND SING. THATS WHAT YOU DO. I dont need your opinion. When it comes to politics, Iwill listen to the politicians and I will make up my own mind

  • beentravelin

    To each his own. I’m glad Jimmy is practicing his first amendment right.

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    Well said Dwayne.

  • Dwayne

    Thanks Pam. I knew we were holding the same book, but we were just on different pages. Hey bentin Pam and I have practicing the first also. Ours means just as much as jimmys

  • Dwayne

    Do you agree beentravelin?

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    Oh, yes! That’s my whole point. I got your back. I don’t see why people are getting so upset about.

  • Dwayne

    MEDIA MEDIA Pumps everyone up and the neive believe. remember the Exxon Valdiz disaster, I was young and thought OMG, but Mother Nature took care of her self

  • JJ

    Mother nature took care of herself? There is still oil on Alaska beaches from the Exxon Valdez.

  • Dwayne

    There is alot of pollution in the creek in front of my house also. JJ I have been eating king.crab legs from Alaska for years and I am healthy. I may die from it when I am 75 or 80 but it was good

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    Well as Jimmy said in his interview on CNN, we can learn from Exxon Valdez by sending experts to Alaska. They would know what to do and what not to. However, this spill is now 5 times larger and growing than the Exxon Valdez. At this point in time any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dwayne

    At this point and time,we need to forget thepaper work and say lets try it . No matter how big or small. I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU. What is the largest natural disaster in U.S.history?

  • JJ

    Pollution is one thing Dwayne…. oil is a whole other thing. Come on now.

  • Dwayne

    SORRY , I said natural disaster. I meant man mad disaster. It was not oil . Research dust bowl

  • Dwayne


  • Dwayne


  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    If we still look at all the graphs and charts. If they are reliable, we do need to do any offshore drilling. With no offshore drilling we would not have this problem. The news showed the east side of Africa. I’m not sure if it was offshore drilling or a tanker that caused the problem, but these people were extreme poor and had practically no help with the clean up. It showed this on television since our spill. I’m not sure when theirs happen because I do not recall hearing about it in the news.

  • Dale

    “It’s obama’s own damn fault” as much as it’s Bush’s fault! Come on people, BP is the responsible party here. Fins up

  • http://therealdogtalk.com Bubba Ross

    Fox & Friends. What friggin assholes!

  • Ex-Parrothead

    All my JB CD’s went in the garbage today along with my iTunes downloads. Bush’s fault? Really? Jimmy…you’ve spent too much time on Caroline Street smoking weed.

  • PirateOverForty

    Pam said:
    “If you were a Buffett fan and you are not because of this then you were NEVER a true PARROTHEAD!”

    More proof that opinions are like @$$holes, everyone’s got one. Jimmy – like McCartney and Pam, above – has just proven he has one and is one. Oh well, I stopped playing his music years ago when I quit the music business and became an engineer.

    It’s what I would expect from people who nothing of the real world, judging from the lack of knowledge of spelling and grammar here. Ponder this, Parrotheads

    1) Why are we drilling in deep water?

    2) Who was in charge when the approval to drill was given to BP?

    3) Who has been in charge while every conceivable bureaucratic roadblock and deliberate delay from every government agency involved has been employed to turn this into the worst oil spill in history?

    4) Are you ready to ride your bike to work every day, cook your insect-infested food on a stove fueled by “people chips” and shiver in the winter cold until someone figures out how to produce an alternative energy source that doesn’t cost more to make than it does to use?

    Now, tell me whether it’s more about Bush or how it’s been handled by Obama?

    Jimmy, I hear the Dixie Chicks are looking for a lead singer.

    Oh SNAP!!

  • ParrotPoop

    Biggest disaster ever was electing obama as president!

  • Jackie Bryant

    I respect the right for Jimmy to say was he beleives to be true but………when does the High Priest become President instead of Bush???? This card carrying Parrothead is losing a lot of respect for JB. Just shows that some should stick to what they know. Singing and writing…Jimmy…some of us Parrotheads are older and Tea Party people.

  • http://www.tytandan.com Tim

    I have been a fan since my first concert in ’98. I have collected Jimmy’s music since and considered him as one of my favorite songwriters, until now. I have a DJ copy of the “High Cumberland Jubilee” album if anybody is interested. Highest bidder wins. All proceeds go to the George W. Bush presidential library courtesy of Jimmy Buffett. See my post at my blog earlier for further discussion.


  • http://www.tytandan.com Tim

    Fisrt concert was in ’78. My bad.

  • Mike Leach

    I lost a lot of respect for Jimmy after the Bush comment. I always suspected that he was pro-Obama but respected him for sticking to entertaining and staying off politics in public. He has the freedom to say what he wishes to say but like everything else in life there are consequences. Deepwater Horizon was an accident. Get off the blame game on both sides.

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    You probably didn’t quit the music business. You were so damn bad you couldn’t sell anything and was kicked out! Besides, what are doing on this website anyway?

    As far as being a professional, I am. It only takes 4 years to get a degree in engineering. I have been to school longer with more degrees in the same field and can retire if I choose before 50 in a couple of years.

    It must be amazing being perfect when you are typing. Besides, PERFECT person with perfect grammar, what was that crap YOU wrote in the paragraph before your number 1) ???? Look in the mirror before to you criticize someone. DUMB@$$! It’s not always pretty!!! I thought there was only one perfect human in this world or are you a non-believer as well @$$hole (your favorite word). As FAR as a president for the U.S., this country hasn’t had one in a long time! It doesn’t have one now either. You didn’t see Bush busting his butt helping all the people in New Orleans after Katrina. All he could do was fire everyone with FEMA! The man DID NOT have enough sense to speak an intelligent sentence. The president we have now wants to stay on television a give speeches. However, if you agree with Buffett or not, he has the right in this country to practice his freedom of speech. I never said I agreed. THAT IS MY POINT!!!! So, don’t get so nutted up. You are probably one of those shallow people who if your friends don’t believe or share your opinion then they are not your friends anymore. By the way, since you are a BIG “@$$” ENGINEER, why don’t YOU get YOUR head out of you “@$$ and solve this problem since you seem to know everything.

    You need to grow up and get out of your mother’s house!

    JUST SAYIN”…………………………………..

  • john m from annapolis

    Hey Jimmy, bet you made a lot of money during those evil bush years didn’t you! I bet you made more then you did under this commie Obama ….. the man you backed so much! He didn’t respond to this mess for over a month …. and does not care thats why its so so bad! Thanks for helping him get elected …. oh now we are three trillion dollars in the hole, the wars over-seas are a mess, and the border problem is out of control plus our econmy is down the drain…… Yea thanks man you MORORN! The RIGHT wingers will be back in power starting in NOV to clean the mess up you helped create.

  • PirateOverForty

    Pammy said:

    “You were so damn bad you couldn’t sell anything and was kicked out! ”

    Good grief! You couldn’t have made my point more eloquently!! Whatever… No, I quit. What a dumb$hit! How many degrees do you have??? In what field??? It just so happens I don’t have an engineering degree, I did it on merit, knowing at least something about what I’m saying and hard work. What’s your claim, the equivalent of a GED with a gold star for attendance? I carry people like you every day, so your words show me all I need to see. If you were a true professional and had so many degrees, you should have absorbed something about verb tense and syntax. Sheesh!!

    By the way, I’ve been out of my mother’s house and on my own for 41+ years and I’m sure I have shoes older than you, you moron. It’s ignorant clowns like you that give us the politicians of the caliber we have now.


    “The man DID NOT have enough sense to speak an intelligent sentence.”

    Our current empty suit can’t seem to say anything more profound than “UHHHH” without a teleprompter (probably to many syllables for you – sound it out, now…tele prompt er..).

    In closing, you seem not to have been able to refute anything I said and have resorted to ad homonym. Back at you, b1t(h! You bore me, goodbye.

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam



  • http://www.PirateJohn.com PirateJohn

    Jesus … where did all the reichwing loons come from? This is hysterical!

    The concert was great. The whining from the reich didn’t slow Jimmy down a bit.

  • john m from annapolis

    Oh ….. can’t believe the STUPID Morons like Jimmy that still support this goof ball Obama. It must be a left-wing thing LOL . Get your fill of him. He is a one term goof-ball!!!

  • john m from annapolis

    Pirate John seems like a typical DUMP left wing person. LOL I think people like him -or her -should all do the USA and the world a favor …. find a nice high place – above 50 ft- and jump off! lol

  • JJ

    That John M from Annapolis is a classy fellow

  • Betsie Yeomans

    Jimmy , Did you ever wonder why this ass in the White House took so long to react to the BP oil spill and not lift the Jone;s Act after 3 days like President Bush did after three days after Katrina and you dared to blame President Bush for
    obama’s failings and big failings they are !!I am no longer a fan of you and will never buy a concert ticket or buy anything that has anything to do with you !! So just shut up and sing and that sucks to !! WTF If the phone dosen’t ring it’s me duhhhhh !!!!

  • john m from annapolis

    Betsie, great comment, glad to see waking up to this moron buffet. I am a reformed parrot head. This means no more money in the pocket of that asshole Jimmy Buffet form me . Let him eat it with the other asshole Obama, can’t want for the NOV elections!!!

  • JJ

    His name is Buffett with two T’s. Real parrotheads know that.

  • HP

    Jimmy and all the other entertainers need to keep doing what they do well and keep the editorial comments to themselves. BP is cleaning up the mess. Too many people make knee jerk reactive statements based on what is the latest tragedy but are they willing to do anything themselves to help out. Yes I applaud Jimmy on his help with Katrina but the political environment is over the top….oh and I didnt have any problem voting republican in the last election. Jimmy and I both have spent a lot of time on LBI


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