Part III of Jimmy with Anderson Cooper

posted July 6th, 2010 at 8:52 am

by Josh Martin

CNN has posted a third portion of the interview Jimmy Buffett did with Anderson Cooper last week:

Watch Part I and Part II.

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  • Mark

    Buffett is an old has been POT HEAD scum. Why dosen’t he hang up his blunt and GO AWAY just like his failed business that serves over priced lame Cheeseburgers.

  • Lisa

    Phuck U Mark

  • Nicholas

    I wouldn’t go as far as this cat above but none the less, Buffett sells escapism…end of story. If you notice, he couldn’t answer the question about the moratorium, because he doesn’t know anything about it. I applaud his ignoring the question, but still, he’s a singer, entertainer…and yes, advocate.

    None the less, he’s also a hypocrite for (so many reasons) and supporting a President that wants to tax him to high hell, while he lives in a state with no income tax. His attack on G. W. Bush is old and boring…it bothers me when these people open their mouth about politics…even if I disagree or agree…he charges insane prices for everything he sells and his base is middle class.


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