Tickets Available This Morning for Gulf Concert

posted June 23rd, 2010 at 1:47 am

by Josh Martin

Tickets will be released this morning at 10 am central time for the July 1st Gulf Coast concert with Zac Brown, Kenny Chesney, and others.

Click here for TicketMaster direct link

There is a four-ticket limit for the free tickets, and tickets are required for entry. Organizers expect to accommodate up to 35,000 people at the event on the beach.

The concert is being organized to demonstrate support for and solidarity with residents, businesses and the culture of the Gulf Coast. Gates will open at 3 p.m., and the concert will start at 5 p.m.

A portion of the show will air live on CMT from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. Performances will be simulcast live on Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio and streamed live on

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  • p-head

    great idea by JImmy….Awful idea to use Ticketmaster. Typical ticketmaster screw up with inadequate servers. Sold out within 5 min.

  • LA

    Great that you are doing a concert, but I am very disappointed, as I logged onto ticketmaster before 10am CT so that I could get tickets and put in my request right at 10am…no tickets;( Seems kinda unfair.

  • vannah

    clicked on it at exactly 10 and they were already sold out :(

  • Kim

    Huge disappointment. I put my request in right away as well and got nothing. Did ANYONE get tickets?

  • mark

    Same here. All the scalpers were probably taking the tickets, even though it’s free.

  • Drew

    What a freaking joke! i had 4 friends on ticketmaster this morning at 9:30 and no one got tickets.

  • wfy

    I got shut out as well…what happened?

  • lburg

    Same issue. Logged on at 10 to no avail. Knew tickets would go quickly but thought I’d at least have a shot.

  • Amanda

    Had ALL our friends and family going for tickets, were on there way before 10. Clicked immediately, and they were gone.

  • Julie

    We were already headed to Gulf Shores to support the area. Buffett was going to an extra bonus. Too bad I logged on at 10:00 am and the tickets were already gone. Something isn’t right about how the tickets were disbursed. Really disappointed, but still a parrothead!

  • John Smith

    We were debating on whether to make annual trip to Gulf Shores and the concert was tipping point on making decision to go. It is a shame that scalpers are able to take advantage of this event. It is very disappointing.

  • mark

    there are already a lot of tickets for sale on ebay.

  • andrea

    We, also, had five computers going set way ahead and clicked precisely at ten and for almost thirty minutes after continuously; and, we got absolutely nowhere!!! We have decided that Ticketmaster is up to one of their SCAMS again!! Everyone please report this to Jimmy and any of his sites; and perhaps, the FBI for fraud!!! This needs to be investigated! With all their money there is definitely a way to create a computer default queing which would allow for purchase w/out reentering info, etc. Such a shame because I live in this area and know that Jimmy has huge connections to this area and his background. This could have been a good thing.

  • Lucie

    Also very disapponited about this!!! I was through right at 10am and couldn’t get a ticket as well!!! : (

  • jim

    same thing, no tix BUT the FREE tix are already on sale on ebay

  • Donna

    I was on the ticketmaster website on the dot at 10 & got the not available! I heard they were gone within 60 seconds??? How does that happen with 35,000 available?? BUT……not 10 minutes after they were already selling them on ebay! Within 15 minutes after they were selling for almost $500.00 each! Are these sellers giving the proceeds to the relief fund for the folks like us that live down here? I doubt that this was what Jimmy had in mind & I’m with you on the ticketmaster scam!!

  • bd

    It is just dead wrong for these tickets to be sold for profit on E-Bay or anywhere else. This is a benefit concert for the area and I would like to see Jimmy Buffett and company contact E-Bay to block listings for these tickets. This greed is disgusting. I, too, wasn’t able to get tickets and am a buyer on E-Bay, but will not support any of this pond scum by purchasing tickets from them.

  • jennifer

    Same problem. Had about 10 people online at 10 and NOBODY got tickets AND we live in Gulf Shores! I love you Jimmy, but this was soooo disappointing! Thought I finally had something to look forward to since the oil has completely destroyed my summer! Guess Not! Thanks again BP!!

  • Kristie

    VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! Everyone I have talked to, LOCALLY, was unable to get tickets..each one logged on right at 10am along with my family. The local news said going online would be the BEST way to get tickets…so instead of making the ride to our local ticketmaster we chose to go online hoping to get 4. After several attempts with Ticketmaster and waiting in “line” for over 5 minutes, Ticketmaster posted “sorry no available matches!” On a chance our local ticketmaster may still have some available, we contacted them and were told they only had 36 tickets available, therefore only 9 people waiting in line were able to get them…others had to be turned away!!! Ticketmaster should really be investigated and also being that this was a free concert and to benefit the gulf area, how is it even legal to scalp these tickets on ebay for hundreds of dollars…how is that benefitting the Gulf??? I don’t believe Jimmy Buffett would be pleased to hear what happened, not to mention his very own sister Lucy Buffett lives here!!!!!! SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noelle

    Ticketmaster website was telling me sold out @ 10:01am…and weren’t!! Still tried the website for 25min…..waste of time. I’d get error msgs saying I put in the wrong code when I didn’t. Even tried calling of course w/no luck….not to mention when I did reach someone they gave me an out of order number. Called Ticketmaster to complain they told me it wasn’t their problem they were sold out @ 10:01am but in the same convo she told me there was nothing wrong bc she sold 4 tickets @ 10:17am… lie to me some more ticketmaster. Me & my kids are VERY disappointed. Would’ve pd to benifit us here along the beach but I’m not paying ANYONE else on Ebay & other sites so they can benifit. Sad something that should’ve been for the good has turned out like this…..thanks ticketmaster! They don’t even want to accept responsibility! Same thing happened to a Bruce Springsteen Concert & he made a statement how upset he was w/ticketmaster.

  • Tanya

    I was on the phone waiting and I got disconnected at 10:05. When I was able to get through again the lady said “sorry they are sold out” I think it is a shame that we as Coastal residents can’t attend this show! The people selling the tickets on ebay for 400 plus dollars are wrong and should be punished!

  • Kelly

    Also very disappointed to see the free tickets for sale on ebay. These people are making a profit off a free show, all the while keeping the people that really wanted to go from getting the tickets this morning. What horrible people, taking a show meant to cause awareness of the oil spill and using it to make a buck.

  • Kelly

    If enough people report this to ebay, maybe they will have the auctions taken off the site. We have already spoken with someone at ebay. It’s against the company policy to sell charity items.

  • Tina Seely

    I also logged in at 10 am, however, they were sold out. I rented an ocean front room in Gulf Shores as soon as i heard about the concert (at the stiff price of 259.00) and now I dont even have a ticket to go to the concert…… If people are selling the tickets that money should only go to help the people of our area, not to some money hungry jerk. That is not right……

  • bd

    I really feel for the locals in this unfair situation. I am not one of them but how about open admission with no ticket required so all that want to can attend? 35,000 is too much for crowd control anyway.

  • Mac

    Same issue as everyone else, there were 3 of us on the web site exactly when the site put the tickets on sale.. we all received the same message as rest of you!! We are going anyway, leaving Houston on Tuesday..

  • Noelle

    Sad thing is they weren’t sold out & they were telling ppl they were @10am until they were. Now, those of us who wanted to USE them don’t have them bc the scalpers got to them…..thanks to ticketmaster’s website. A LOTof ppl had this problem. Just sad! I made resv to make sure we’d get them…..wish I hadn’t. Now we’re stuck w/resv we don’t need & out almost $450. We’ll go but not bc we want to now. Aggravated, angry & disappointed!!

  • Marie

    Ok everyone….got some info in case your intrested! There’s 2 websites I’ve found to make complaints ab Ticketmaster concerning the website: & I there is one more but I can’t think of the name & couldn’t find it. I must say that Ticketmaster has an awful lot of complaints! I’ll be adding one more.

  • Jamie

    One more thing that puts a damper on all of us here on the gulf coast we finally get something to try and help but as always it seems to come back on us!! But what can u do now but see disappointed kids faces now mine were so looking foward to it.. I was online with ticketmaster since 9:45 just refreshing page so i wouldn’t miss it and i tried for 47 minutes on line then called and MACHINE told me there were no longer any tickets

  • Kathy

    All is NOT lost y’all! I too am wayyy disappointed in not having tickets. However, LuLu’s will be showing the concert live on a jumbotron so we can still go support the local businesses, eat, drink, and enjoy the concert. Our group is now heading there for the concert as NOBODY could get tickets this morning.

  • Gina

    I also started trying at 9:47 and was not able to get “buy tickets” on TICKETMASTER. Had to go through Margaritaville website to get through…. and same as everyone else got the “no tickets available” message many times. Had several others trying and same thing. I hope that somebody checks into this!!!!! Ticket Master is a joke!

  • AL

    I live in Mobile…Was online & on phone with ticketmaster minutes before they went on sale, and still was unsuccessful. I don’t know one person that was able to get tickets…So I guess the money will go for tickets sales and not to benefit our coast. Thanks Bob Riley for not thinking this needs to be further investigated…..

  • Jane

    Noone got tickets..WWJD???(what would Jimmy Do) I say noone buy the tickets..cancel tickets and sale them at the gate or revoke old tickets and start over- ticketmaster can print each with customers name on tickets….no scalper then….

  • kelly fryman

    my daughters dream vanished like the tickets did she and I would pay for tickets if they become available

  • stag parties

    You’re right. One of the rig’s workers spilled the beans (not oil) on 60 Minutes tonight . They knew there were problems with the equipment , but kept on going with the drilling.Sorry I missed the concert but I have been listening on the radio. Pretty good show.


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