Discussion Board Issues

posted September 29th, 2009 at 11:22 am

by Josh Martin

Our discussion board has been down since Monday afternoon. I’m working with our host to restore it. I apologize for the down time.

Update – The discussion board is back up.

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  • Jim


  • Amy

    I broke it! It’s all my fault.

  • coolbreeze2444

    Geez, Amy! We can’t take you anywere!

    Hang in there Josh!

  • Jim

    Hi, again!!!

  • Jay

    I coulda told you about Amy :shakehead:

    I miss you freaks.

  • Jay

    Can we do the discussion board here?

  • Jay

    Hi Jim. :toast:

  • Jay

    What the hell, Josh.
    I pay good money to be on this site!!!!!
    Oh wait……..I don’t……….:redface:

  • coolbreeze2444

    :wave: Hi World!
    I miss the discussion board; I’m going through withdrawal. Think I got the DT’s.

  • ph4ever

    Thanks for reminding me I need to back up my db!!!!

  • Josh Martin

    Sorry guys. My host’s customer service/technical support staff is really letting me down… calls getting broke off, taking forever to respond to help tickets, etc.

    I am working on it, just not getting a lot of help on the other end.

  • Tim



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