Montana Courting Buffett for Next Year

posted June 11th, 2009 at 9:05 pm

by Josh Martin

A non-profit group in Montana is trying to bring Jimmy Buffett to Red Lodge near Yellowstone for a benefit concert next year:

A non-profit group for kid’s health is looking to bring Mr. Margaritaville himself to the Yellowstone Valley for a benefit concert.

Youth Dynamic has a major promoter that is working with Jimmy Buffett’s booking agent to secure a contract for a July 2010 concert in Red Lodge. They have raised $500,000 dollars for a down payment.

Organizers said they should know by the end of July if the concert will happen and tickets will go on sale shortly thereafter. Buffett has not performed in Montana since the ’70’s.


The concert would be held at a private ranch outside of Red Lodge. Youth Dynamics hopes to raise $1-million from the Buffett concert to support uninsured children with mental illness. Organizers say they do have a plan B in order should the Buffett contract not come through.

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  • alx rocks

    if it happens, I will be there

  • Kameron Stevens

    As an advisor to the organizer I would like to welcome all parrotheads to Red Lodge Montana for this event. I own the Silver Strike Casino Sports Bar Casino and Bowling Alley. I will be converting my establishment into the finest beach bar will ever find so far from a high tide. If you have any questions on how to get to Red Lodge and where to stay please contact me via email or call the bar. we’ll try to get you set up. Ask for Kam. If the contract get signed you will need to make reservations for accomodations very very early because the town is small, otherwise you may need to find accomadations in Billings, Cody, or other outlying communities. Red Lodge is a great little town. Many fantastic bars and restaurants. Check out our Tavern Association website at or

  • Kameron Stevens

    I forgot to mention the phone number at the Silver Strike is 406 446 3131
    If you email mentin Buffett in the subject line so I dont delete you.

    “remember that night in Montana when we said there’d be no room for doubt”

  • Vic Miller

    Hey Jimmy, PLEASE come back to Montana for the sake of all the Parrotheads that cannot make it to Cincinnati or Paris.

    We would love to have you back. I have not seen you since the University of Montana kegger during the ice cold beer age.

  • Dana L

    Please come to Montana! I moved back here from San Diego and have not seen you since 1995!

  • will stout

    Is the organization looking for more investors to front the money for a Buffett concert?

  • ben swenka

    is there anything i can do to help? would love to see jimmy in red lodge….


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