From Under My Lone Palm: “You Had To Be There”

posted October 30th, 2008 at 4:43 am

by Josh Martin

It’s time for the October edition of “From Under My Lone Palm”, a monthly column written by BuffettWorld contributor Justin H. This month’s column focuses on the 30 year anniversary of “You Had To Be There”:

October 2008 is important month in Buffett history. You see 30 years ago this month, Jimmy’s landmark live album “You Had to be There: Jimmy Buffett Recorded Live in Concert” hit record stores everywhere. Over the years, the album has developed a cult following among parrotheads old and new. You just never hear anyone say “I like x one of Jimmy’s live albums better.” And as we all know, there is plenty of live Buffett to chose from. So when I decided to write about it this month, a few burning questions hit me instantly: Just what exactly makes the album so magical? Why, eight live albums and counting later, is it still the best?

Read the rest of this month’s FUMLP here.

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  • Brian


    What a wonderful article. I couldn’t agree more: “too bad we are the only ones to notice”. But, in a way, isn’t that one of the best parts? Jimmy obviously doesn’t need MTV or any glitz and glamour. We, as parrotheads, are all part of a club that truly does notice, and deeply appreciates, everything Jimmy does.

    Great job on the article. I also wanted to add one more thing. This album is a glimpse into the past Buffett. Jimmy has certainly turned his old act into a PG show these days. This album offers us the Jimmy of old- lots of cussing, drug references and Buffett banter. The Jimmy before his act was “clean” like today’s shows. It gives new parrotheads a window into what it used to be like. And it gives all of us an appreciation for this crazy and wonderful ride that the music has taken us all on.

    Wonderful job. Mahalo as always.

  • Josh

    Just want to clarify that it’s our contributor Justin who writes the column “From Under My Lone Palm”

  • Brian


  • Bob

    I was at the Fox all three nights for the recording of the best live album. My best friend saw him at the Bistro in Atlanta. So we were parrotheads ( a take off from dittoheads made famous by conservative Rush Limbaugh) before we knew what they were.
    My question is this: Where did Jimmy go wrong? Why is he a Marxist now? Does he crave the company of Steven Speilberg or would he rather share a drink with “Joe the Plumber”. In the real old days, I believed it would be a drink with Joe…. or me.
    The Pirate Turned Marxist and I cried.

  • Josh

    So Jimmy’s a marxist now? The republicans just continue to amaze me this election cycle.

  • Dean

    Wow! I learned something new today. We are called parrotheads because of Rush Limbaugh. Some people are really morons. Maybe before people post comments like that they should check their facts. The phrase parrothead was coined in the 80’s and the phrase dittohead was coined in the 90’s.

  • jason

    Wow Buffit is a fool just like all the obama followers.
    How can any true american vote for muslim terrorist like BARRY OBAMA nice true american name lol. Should never be aloud to run for president of the united states. Our fore fathers are turning their graves…

  • jason

    Cant wait to cast my 20 votes like the dems do..

  • jason

    Jimmy what are you thinking… The only reason why black people are voting this election cause a half breed is running lol. 3/4 of the black people who are voting for obama are uneducated to realize the out come of socialism. Thats all america needs is a black leader. If you think racism is bad now wait if obama does get elected all the black people will shove it in our white faces just like they do with the majority of sports played in america.


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