Barack & Buffett: Jimmy To Play At Obama Rally In Tampa

posted October 27th, 2008 at 4:44 pm

by Josh Martin

We’ve been waiting for this here at BuffettWorld, and it was reported today that Jimmy Buffett will headline a Barack Obama rally on Sunday, November 2nd at the Ford Amphitheater in Tampa, Florida. Buffett is a democrat and has performed at fundraisers and rallies for democratic candidates in the past, often in Florida. ABC Action News has the story:

ABC Action has learned Barack Obama is planning a last minute visit to Tampa, days before the Presidential election. Obama is expected to appear with superstar musician Jimmy Buffett.

It is another sign of Tampa Bay’s importance to the Presidential race. Obama’s scheduled visit comes just two days before election day.

A Tampa spokeswoman for the Obama campaign said she has not been informed of the visit. However, according to an email obtained by, employees at the Ford Amphitheatre have been told to prepare for the visit this coming Sunday, November 2nd.

From the original e-mail:

“Hello every one I just wanted to give you a heads up their (sic) has been a new event added to the schedule at the Ampitheater, It will be on November 2nd It is the Brock (sic) Obama rally with Jimmy buffett (sic) performing not sure of all the details just yet. But we wanted to get an e-mail out to start recruiting employees, Thier (sic) is (sic) over 15,000 tickets reserved and expecting another 5,000- 7,000.”

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  • Jim

    I would hope that Jimmy would not get involved with Politics in this manner. I can no longer support someone who supports a politician with such socialistic views.

    It was a lovely cruise with a bitter end.

  • Katherine Stevenson

    So if Jimmy is so ready to support handing out all off our hard earned money, i think it’s only fair to allow the people to use his planes, houses, boats and ect. Maybe he should help us all live the outstanding live he lives! The sad thing is that his fans love his music and now he’s having them pay for a candidate that they might not agree with. Never the less my husband has now said he’s not stepping foot into a margaritaville again. He needs to shut up and sing, that’s what WE pay him to do.

  • Josh

    Now come on people, don’t get so uptight. I could see you getting upset if Jimmy was spouting his politics at shows, but he doesn’t do that.

    Jimmy’s number one issue is the environment, and he believes that democrats do a better job of protecting the environment.

    I’m a Dem and an Obama supporter but I’m not going to stop listening to Hank Williams Jr because he’s playing at rallies for McCain.

  • Halfpint6924

    Jimmy is an entertainer. And he still has the right of freedom of speech just like the rest of us. If he wants to openly support a candidate then let him. I don’t see the problem. It’s that freedom that we so often take for granted. I’m quite sure that not every one of your family members is affiliated with the same party…did you disown them as well?

  • parrothead mania

    This is absurd. I am Republican, and I have no problem what so ever with him supporting Obama. It’s about the music, not the politics, and as Josh said he doesn’t openly flaunt his political views. If this makes you stop being a fan, that’s your problem, but for me, I will continue to enjoy his music and go to shows. I’m sorry for all who feel this way. Grow up!

  • Earl

    So I guess if you’re an artist or performer of any kind you have to give up your freedom of speech? It’s funny that Republicans never complain about entertainers speaking out if it’s Dennis Miller or Bruce Willis or Charlton Heston etc: It’s their usual double standard, you can’t do it but we can.

    Note to Ms Stevenson; nobody’s forcing you to go to the show in FL. Jimmy’s doing this to support his candidate NOT to entertain his normal fan base.

  • Mark Haney

    I really hoped Jimmy had more sense than this. Troubadours and clowns should entertain. I love Jimmy, and respect his freedom of speech, but not his opinion this time.

  • Kevin Denzl

    Well it is no surprise that a another mega rich entertainer is supporting another ultra liberal politician. maybe jimmy will let obama redisribute his wealth to someone who don’t want to work for it.

  • Gene

    It’s amazing that the ‘socialist’ message is breaking through. Are you aware that McCain voted for the bank bailout redistributing $700b our hard-earned tax dollars giving it to the banks? How about Sarah Palin taking a windfall profit tax from the oil companies and distributing it to all Alaskans. Both of these are traits of socialism. Ever borrow a book from the library?

    As for Jimmy, he is free to work for any candidate he supports just like any of us do. It’s an illogical reason to stop enjoying his music. Do you think the Baldwin brothers avoid each other during the holiday’s because they don’t agree politically?

    In case you all missed it, Jimmy is performing in Tampa for free. How socialist and elitist.

  • born in the usa

    Last I checked this was a Jimmy Buffett fan blog/site – don’t appreciate the Obama emails and postings. But then again socialism would approve of this. I don’t believe that just because an actor/muscian/band should take advantage of their fans and push their private beliefs on them. I have been a long time parriot head but it is getting close to over the line. People should not mix the 2

    signing off forever

    signed disappointed

  • Josh

    Born In The USA, we provide Jimmy Buffett news. The fact that Jimmy Buffett is performing at a political rally is news, no matter if it’s a McCain or Obama rally.

  • crawfish

    All you Republicans quit your friggin whining!
    Every time i turn on the t.v. i here the same thing from you! You are losing the election after 8 years of Republican “hell”.
    Jimmy Is and HAS been a southern Democrat ALL his life, so…………………GET OVER IT!

  • Elizabeth

    I will never spend another dime on Jimmy Buffet or at a Margaritaville store/ restaurnat. He can be democrat but he’s crossed the line with this stunt. I hope his checkbook feels it.

  • Josh Martin

    Elizabeth, how is this crossing the line? This is nothing new. Jimmy has been a lifelong democrat. He performed at Bill Clinton’s birthday party in the 90’s. He has played fundraisers in the past for democrats. Just because you disagree with Jimmy on his politics you shouldn’t stop listening to him. He doesn’t spew his politics at his normal concerts like some do.

  • ViKa

    I agree with the majority here. Jimmy is a great entertainer and delivers happy music and a good time at his concerts with no added politics. He is a great supporter of our military personel no matter what his party afiliation. He is honest and works hard for his money. I can’t stop enjoying his music just because he is exercising his american freedoms.

  • Billy Ray

    I sure hope all you so called parrotheads that quit the board, quit seeing Jimmy, quit going to Margaritaville will post all your cool stuff on line that way you might can make some money off of selling your Jimmy Stuff! I sure the mega Margaritaville Mania is not going to miss a few people! That way the wait at the door won’t be as long!

    Honestly I hope all of you stick around and think about it, Next Wednesday all the BS will be done for 2 years. The the House & Senate races start again for some! No matter who wins next Wednesday I will still be a parrothead! McCain or Obama can’t change that!!!

    Have a great day and “FINS UP”

  • Maurice

    Don’t think it is time for a socialist president!

  • Josh

    Maurice, me neither. Good thing there isn’t one running.

  • Joe in FL

    –TO ALL WHO PLAN ON ATTENDING– You must commit to 3hrs of “Obama Service” to get the “Free Fun Tickets”!!! No Bull just went to try to pickup my tickets in Sarasota. What a crock to advertise a FREE CONCERT and when you try to get tickets get hit with that…a bit of forshadowing for an Obama Presidency LOT OF PROMISES and NO RESULTS!!I know Jimmy’s Liberal but I’ve looked past it, no more of my hard earned money for him, I guess if Obama gets in my fun ticket money will be going to welfare anyway so others can sit at home while I work my butt off. MCCAIN PALIN 2008, they ain’t the best but it beats the hell out of Socialism!

  • Josh

    Re: Joe in FL – You may have just went to one of the “bad” handout booths.

    Take a look at this article and the corresponding comments:

    It appears that they ask you to volunteer, they don’t make you commit.

  • crawfish

    hey Joe,
    you sound like a typical Republican MORON!


  • DR. Norman

    Hey Jimmy it’s over! I first saw you perform in person at the Hub Pub Club near Boone NC. Me and about 18 other people. I met you in Chapel Hill after the concert and became one of your greatest fan. Over the past 30 some years I have followed your concerts to Chicago twice, Viriginia Beach and all across the Carolinas for a total of 24 concerts. I have bought t-shirts at your concerts, own all your CDs and your books. I have dined and drank in 5 of your resturants. Tomorrow I am donating all these Buffett items to charity and will never spend another of my hard earned dollars on anything associated with you. By supporting that Marxist Obama you have proved you have nothing to sing or say of interest to me. You can take Obama and stick him up your filthy rich ass you left wing liberal bastard!

  • crawfish

    Jimmy thanks you for making him RICH!

  • crawfish

    oh yes, i got my ticket in Sarasota today too and they said NOTHING about commiting to anything to get a FREE ticket. they ask if you could volunteer to help people get out and vote.
    On the ticket it says “Early Vote Rally With Jimmy Buffett. not the Coral Reefers.
    so don’t believe Joe Republican’s lies!

  • J.Weaver

    I am so proud of Jimmy Buffet for giving his time, money, and help to motivate people and bring them together to help our country! It is certainly time for change. Thank you Jimmy for being the kind of person that believes that together we can unite and secure better futures for our children.

  • crawfish


  • J.Weaver

    Thanks Crawfish.

  • Glenn

    Barack Obama….Communism you can count on!

  • barry

    Liberal Democrats and Mainstream media are America’s Al-Qeada!

  • J.Weaver

    What? From where are you getting your facts? Can we all agree that Jimmy Buffet’s music is really terrific? Music is good medicine. Wouldn’t it be nice if if it could be the glue that so many must need?

  • Tampa Fins

    I live in Tampa and can’t wait to attend the rally. I for one am thrilled to see Jimmy using his status and celebrity to help put our country on a better path. All of you spouting this silliness about socialism and marxism really need to turn off Fox News and exercise your brains a little. It’s sad to see so many folks just buying into that drivel. And by the way, if you define socialism (incorrectly) as simply taking government money and giving it to private interests…doesn’t that make McCain a socialist for voting to give $750 BILLION dollars to banks and insurance companies (several of whom immediately paid their exorbitant year-end executive bonues early)?

  • J.Weaver

    Well stated Tampa Fins.

  • Linda P

    Geez…I’ve lost a lot of admiration for someone I hold very special in my life. When the middle class realizes that the only way their lives will change is that their hard earned moneys will be “shared” with the “less fortunate”, it will be too late!

    Sorry, Jimmy, I disagree with your politics! Either way, it’s not going to be pretty! Looks like this parrot head needs some changes in latitude!

  • Duke

    One of the core messages of Jimmy’s music has always been freedom. He’s using his freedom to support the candidate of his choice. You conservatives love to blather ad nauseum about defending freedom no matter what the cost, until it concerns the freedom of someone that disagrees with you. Then you want to curb their freedom in any way possible. Look up the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary and you’ll find a Republican’s picture there. They never whine about shutting up the celebrities that support Repulican candidates, just the ones that support Democrats. JImmy’s not charging for this concert, he’s not forcing you Republican’s to come and listen. He’s been very classy about his support of Obama just as he is about supporting many other worthy causes. Try to grow up and think like an adult, think for yourself and not the way Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity tell you to!

  • Rick

    Agree with all the posts that say Jimmy does not spout his political leanings too often. When asked he answers. I was at the first Vegas show this year and must say it was one of the best I recall. No political crap, just a good time. That said…it sickens me to put Jimmy in the same category as Barbara Streisand, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin and the other left wing entertainment types. You democrats are so fed up with Bush that you have turned into a heard of sheep following the chosen one, unfortunately over the cliff.

  • Jim

    You guys are missing the point. If Obama were just another Dem, it wouldnt be a big deal. Y’all that are sluffing this off obviously havent done your homework on Mr. Obama. (that goes to the person trying to compare this to the Hank Williams appearance).

    What has BHO ever done for the environment? Name one thing.

    But alas, the details are really not for this forum. I’ll still continue to enjoy the music, and Im sure I’ll go to another concert. I just dont agree with this.


  • Ron

    I lived in Canada which is close to socialism, it is not fun my father was heavily taxed. He was Ron the Electrician. It is to bad our nation is even considering this man to run such a great nation. On the bright side this nation will forgive and forget
    like always the mistakes Jimmy might be making.

  • crawfish


  • Josh

    Jim, Barack Obama has an ambitious plan for renewable energy in this country. John McCain has voted against renewable energy more than a dozen times.

  • crawfish

    if Obama was a white guy, all you rednecks wouldn’t be so pissed off!…………..the south AIN’T gonna rise again!
    what a pathetic bunch of scared mental midgets!

  • J.Weaver

    I listened to the interview with R. Maddow and Obama from Sarasota, FL. Obama’s ideas and concerns regarding renewable energy were the best I’ve heard. He has made energy, including reworking the failing energy grid a priority and will work with advisors to help accomplish this. He will work with ALL parties for the betterment of our country if given the opportunity. Again, kudos to Jimmy Buffett for making a difference!

  • doc

    JImmy, I can’t believe you could possibly be in the tank with Obama. I really thought you were smarter than that. This is the end of my ever purchasing another item with your name attatched to it and I have known you (Mister T) for a long time. What would your parents say about this if they were still around..

  • Tom

    Idiots. This is why it’s called the majority vote because the majority is less than intuitive. If you’re going there, they will try to get you to do anything possible, knock on doors, phone bank whatever. Just like going to a fast food restaurant ends with the speaker box trying to UPSELL your soda and fries. Are you spineless jellyfish unable to say, NO THANK YOU??? I’m a republican all day and personally don’t care if Jimmy is rallying to bulldoze the Amazon rainforrest to build a factory for migrant child workers making carseat covers out of baby seal skin. I’ll be right up front with my festive drink screaming, “BRILLIANT JIMMY!! BRILLIANT!!!!”. Who cares, let’s phlock to the phestivities you fruitcakes!!

  • glenn

    Barack the Crock and Jimmy the Jerkwad and their free concert for all the lazy freeloaders and crackheads in the good ole USA. Follow your boy Obama and drink in all his Kool Aid. Eat, Drink and be Mary(sic) for on Tuesday night your pathetic little dream will end!

  • Tom

    I’ll keep MY freedom, MY guns and MY money. You can keep the CHANGE.

  • Jenny

    Where have you nut bags been? You say you are Jimmy fans but are clueless to him being a liberal??? Duh – have you listened to his music? I have seen him sing for several Democrats over the years including Gore 8 years ago!! Get a clue you ignorant idiots. GO OBAMA!!

  • crawfish


  • crawfish

    its morons like tis who helped f

    Its MORONS like this who have helped f*ck up our country by electing Bush! now they want to elect
    Mclame the war mongor to continue the mess that we are in!………………………OBAMA for President !
    thanks Jimmy for helping our country!

  • chuck

    someone above said clowns should entertain and politicians should campaign….Jimmy is far from being a clown. He is a very intelligent person with best selling books, can influence politicians on environmental issues, and has marketed his name and brand worldwide. Honestly he is the ULTIMATE great example of a marketing major. I would not put Jimmy in the same category as a clown just because he entertains. After all, his keyboarder Mr. Michael Utley is a freaking Marine Biology major. Just because they play guitar or keyboard or drum or whatever, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have an opinion or voice it. He is very smart. I couldn’t market a brand name from scratch in today’s world like he did.

  • crawfish

    thanks Jimmy for helping SAVE our country!

  • barry

    When you are in Florida ask some of the Cubans why they fled Cuba. Ask me how well “redistributaion of the wealth” worked for them in Cuba.
    Oh they still had the priviledged class which would include entertainers like Jimmy and his elitist hollywood crowd however they abolished the MIDDLE CLASS. Rich Class or PoorClass where do you think you will fit? Think about this when Jimmy sings Why Don’t WE Get Drunk and Get Screwed!

  • crawfish

    Bush has eliminated the middle class, you MORON!
    I don’t know what f*cking planet dips shits are living on, because things were great before Bush got in and Mccain is a Bush clone.
    All you bigots and racists and cry baby Refucklicans, MOVE TO ALASKA AND DRILL THE SHIT OUT OF THAT PLACE!

  • Lisa

    Amazing how much HATE you so-called “Phans” have.

    I am appalled to see such crap spewed from your keyboards.

    If you go tomorrow, you know it is for Obama. If you don’t like it, STAY HOME!

    Obama has been politically active on the left for many moons so if you don’t like politics mixed in, you should go to a Britney Spears concert.

    For those of you ignorant arse’s who keep assuming Democrats are ignorant, lazy and druggies… let me give you a clue. WE ARE NOT!

    I happen to work in the Gov’t Sector, have family in the Armed Forces, have a Secret Clearance and am a REAL & PROUD Parrothead.

    Obama has my vote and my confidence. Republican smearings and scare tactics are a thing of the past. You aren’t STEALING this election.

    Go Obama! Go Jimmy!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • crawfish


  • barry

    Barack Obama supproted by terrorists at home and abroad!
    Ayers AlQeada
    Dohrn Hamas
    Wright PLO
    Farrakan The Black Panthers
    Kahlida Taliban

  • crawfish

    yeah, i’m a terrorist!
    i’m gonna terrorized i couple dozen lbs of boiled shrimp at the tailgate party before the Buffett show today! Your a funny guy Barry! Better laugh now, cause ” Come Tuesday” your anger and hate will grow. God help you scared, narrow minded , mental midgets!
    and yes, thanks again Jimmy for helping save our country!

  • barry

    It’s great Jimmy is giving a concert for free. Obama supporters always want something for nothing. Instead of working hard, getting an education, staying off the drugs that Jimmy and Barack supports from the closet,not having out of wedlock children or starting their own small businesses Obamaggots want a free ride. On Tuesday you Marxist bastards will understand the power of the Silent Majority.

  • born in the usa

    there comes a point to where people are responsible for their own lives – not “it is everyone else’s fault” or “life is not fair” no life is not fair – even steven.. I don’t have as much as someone else but more then others. I have earned-struggled and am happy where I am and never asked/expected someone in a better place/situation to bail or help me out. The problem is that everyone thinks everyone should be equal in every aspect of life. Get over it dem’s that is what makes America what it is…… maybe all the rich actors/singers/celebraties should start working for min. wage then life would be fair to everyone. Maybe Jimmy should charge $5.00 for a concert ticket so everyone can afford to go – because pretty soon (11/4) no one will beable to afford to go. ALSO will not be able to afford those $40/t-shirts. Like I said I am a Jimmy Buffett pariot head but rethinking it. I was a Dixie Chick fan – still love their music but refuse to listen/support them since they thought they should share their thoughts at a concert where people paid to go hear them sing not bash America. I had many..many.. great times but at Alpine Valley but I guess I will have to move on and those were the days….

    all good things must come to an end….

  • Josh

    Hey Born In The USA…Everyone thinks everyone should be equal? Funny, I was not aware of that.

    The Dixie Chicks did bash Bush during one of their shows… Jimmy Buffett has not done that. He doesn’t insert politics into his regular shows.

  • crawfish


  • born in the usa

    Are you a full time student?

  • J.Weaver

    The concert was terrific! I looked at the crowd and saw happy people of all ages enjoying the fun afternoon that Jimmy Buffett made possible. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you very much Jimmy Buffett.

  • barry

    What a washed up relic of the 60’s and 70’s. His only top ten song in the last melinium was on the back of Alan Jakson singing a goat roping country tune. Now he wears those Harry Potter glasses and looks like the gay old fart he really is. Jimmy get a life. Follow Capt Tony out to sea. Only you would support a left wing Marxist who has only succeeded to where he is due to his fake African American claim. He really is 50% white, 44% Arabic and only 6% African.

  • jason

    good job Barry my exact thoughts also. Jimmy Buffett sings the same fn songs. Get some new lyrics
    old fart……Born on the USA is exactly right also
    Dems are to stupid to realize the out come of socialism….Just want a hand out for their laziness.
    crawfish is just another druggy who is clouded with smoke in the brain.. go smoke so more crack you dumb ass

  • jason

    Lisa is another dumb ass liberal dem who even has family in the armed forces duh…. I bet she wants to give up like all the other fn liberals..Poor troops will all die invein…and crawfish is just a pussy who cant fight for himself to scared awww dumb ass druggy

  • crawfish

    Big Republican name caller………..i got a GREAT idea, go get your bazooka and head to Iraq and fight Mccain and Bush’s war! And if Mclame wins, you can just hang around and go to lran after war mongar Mccain starts a war with them too.
    go fight! oh you are only capable of fighting with your keyboard!……………you better look under your bed tonite, there may be a terrorist under it.

    boo hoo cry baby Refucklicans!

  • jason

    ah why dont you leave your address on your next comment and we will see.. Please dumb ass druggy
    or you to stoned to remember your address heres mine 1479 seminole trail seminole fl 33779 come and lets debate this… Yep your a true pussy who is scared… You must of been one of those hippies who didnt agree with the vietnam war either.. lol what a GEEK you should be banned from this country. Cant wait intell the next terrorist attacks on our soil so you pussy liberals can come and hide behind the real men in this country…. oh let me guess you think the world trade centers was a inside JOB… Dumb people should not have the right to vote.

  • crawfish

    ooooooooooooo my my……………meet you at the playground after school tomorrow.
    then if you are a good boy, mommy will give you dessert!
    what a fucking joke!


  • jason

    just what I thought PUSSY

  • crawfish

    ooooooooooooo such tough language!
    meet you at the swing sets on the playground, little man!……………LOOOOL!

    wah wah boo hoo.

    thanks Jimmy for supporting Obama!

  • jason

    swing sets must be where you stalk the little boys you sick man. Say no to drugs DIRT BAG!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    Wow, there is a lot of displaced anger. Jimmy Buffett or you or I have a right to our opinion. Freedom of speech. This country is in the state it’s in because people who speak out get publicly crucified for expressing their opinions. You folks are lost children to surrender your good, fun times and memories because someone doesn’t hold the same opinion as you. I’m guessing you are friendless because can throw away anyone or thing that doesn’t agree with you. You know Hitler, you know skinheads, and do you remember the Muslims that have created terror throughout the world because, if you’re not like them, you should die? You are the same as them, who instantly hold such hate and ugliness because someone has had different experiences in life that created different ideas and different opinions. They may have different tints and tones of skin, they may be different religions. They may like different food than you and they may think differently. Even twins are not always of the same opinion…God forbid that someone is different, huh??? I say hurray!

    The United States of America is one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Not-Dependent on your politician views vs. my political views. It means we stick together and cheer each other on, despite what you think, literally! Thank God, what a rich base of knowledge for a group decision called voting.

    I’m not Democrat or Republican, but given a choice by the name calling and unfounded instantaneous hate mail, I pick Democrat. By the way Marxism is a practice of socialism that is a dictatorship that manipulates society into a class-less society. (There is some class-less-ness going on…) Maybe look up the big words before you toss them out thinking you sound like you know what you’re talking about. You angry people say things about people you don’t really know. IE: You are familiar with Mr. Jimmy Buffetts’ work; you don’t know him as a personal friend! You seem to be jealous of his success perhaps. He made you feel positive happy feelings and helped you forget your daily troubles in exchange for a few lousy dollars. He entertained you. He is not God. He is a human. Showing his support for something he believes in. Leave him out of your rain of terror.

    Why aren’t you mad at the AIG CEO’s that went to Europe for 80,000 dollar hunting trip the week after your Republican President bailed their sorry ass company out of hawk. Are you boycotting AIG, I am. If not shut the hell up, you’re having double standard issues. They should have been fired. We don’t even know their names. They are being protected. Why is Jimmy getting all this crap? Look around, he’s not too blame. He’s just making a living. He hasn’t asked us to involuntarily pay for anything, unlike President G W Bush.

    It was an exchange. You got your fun and your tee shirt. That’s all you get. You didn’t buy the right to his freedom of speech. You don’t own him. He has a right to think what he wants. Why do you suddenly think you do? Hello? You must not have kids. We all have different ideas.

    Where do you angry people work so I can boycott the companies you work for because I don’t agree with you? You have no grounds for turning tail so quickly, other than you were looking for someone to blame things on that you angry about. This Country has been a slow decline for years. Companies and people being greedy and charging what they can squeeze out of the consumer and not what is fair. If you knew anything about concerts you would know it takes at least few hundred people to put on a concert along with the arena rental, it’s not easy or cheap. That’s why your ticket prices are high. Jimmy Buffetts’ tickets are much less than a lot of performers, look at Celine Dion, or Barry Manilow. Wake up children, it’s time you see a shrink, you’re scary people.

  • jason

    :LOL Kathy must be another liberal moron and is blinded by her faith and hope that god will save us from terror…. You wake up!!!! people are dying from a sick and twisted belief. Cowards that strap bombs to themselves and kill innocent people. DUH!!
    People like you so easy to turn your shoulder and pretend GOD almighty WILL SAVE US ALL.. Marxist and socialism crack pot will not be a good change for AMERICA DUMB ASS!! Unity is what this country needs so please go to Cuba if you want to share your wealth and take Rev Wright and Acorn and all Barry Obama great roll models with you………………………..

  • crawfish

    boo hoo Mccrybabies for Mclame!

  • barry

    crawshit how is life in NObama land? Have you and your ACORN pals voted three or four times today? Or are you liberals left wing nuts cases sitting around reading The Communist Manifesto? Oh that’s right you only read on the third grade level. Maybe you and your gay friends can have a circle jerk I heard you came in 1st and 3rd last time!

  • crawfish

    Landslide for Obama…………keep crying Refucklicans.

  • Kathy

    Jason, Barry and the rest of you angry single minded people, at least we agree this Country needs to be United but I don’t see how Cuba fits in with the whole thing or that “God will save me” or why you attack anyone that doesn’t hold the same opinion as what you do. You believe I am a threat in someway I suppose.
    You need professional help for your angry attacks on people you have never met. You sound like you are better fit for Cuba and Castro than I.
    In the middle of “belief is the word “lie”.
    You throw lies and asumptions around like rain falls from the sky.

    I KNOW this is a Jimmy Buffett FAN SITE and you don’t wish to be a Fan at this time.

    So, in Jimmy’s words’ “Breathe in, Breathe out and Move on” Enough politics, if that’s your subject you are on the wrong blog.
    God Bless this Country, Jimmy Buffett and Captain Tony’s family and friends. The best to you all. K

  • crawfish

    tell that to Barry and Jason, the nazi skinheads that want to tell Jimmy Buffett and everybody else who to vote for! they don’t deserve to live in a democracy!

    thats again Jimmy for help in electing President Obama!

  • jason

    Ok here Jimmy Buffet sucks!! Stoner Drunk fool who always seems to support the LOSERS LOL…..
    And Kathy with your uneducated self please read how Castro came into power. And read the definition of communism and socialism…
    Futhermore Im angry at all Dems and liberal views
    blinded by the true reality of socialism and how it will affect our country. Here ill help educate you on the meaning of socialism. SOCIALISM— a state of society in marxist therory ( marxisism was created by Carl Marx who was a communist founder and wrote the communist manifesto ) transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done. And this is what BARRY HUSSEIN OBAMA wants to do…………
    research the rest on your own or pay me to teach you and educate you futher past your government runned school.

  • jason

    Crawshit your to stupid to understand so please leave the nazi and skinheads out of this. Those people are just as uneducated as you are STONER DUDE….Go and break the law some more and tell me how you feel about buying and probably selling drugs. How that supports our country with all the drug attics and drunks who cant go one day without being clouded with smoke or alcohol. My opinion and my freedom of speech is my right and soon it will be gone, so Im speaking my mind!! Where ever when ever and to who ever the hell I want.. Kathy what do you call a campaign??? Those people ARE TELLING YOU WHO TO VOTE FOR dumb ass. If you cant take the truth than DONT READ THIS. Obama is a racist marxist man who wants to take from the rich and give it to the poor lazy 10 baby with 3 different fathers people who cant go out and make an opportunity for themselves. ( welfare ) The only reason why I dont like Barry Obama is because of the people who he associated himself with. Talking about hate go and listen to those people and than come back and tell me their good people LOL. And his dumb ass belief in redistribution of wealth. I pay enough for illegal immigrants ( like his own aunt lol
    like he didnt know ) bull shit Obama lies, and like all the lazy worthless scumbag people who live off my tax dollars to have 15 fn kids and bleed the system dry. OPEN YOUR STUPID LIBERAL EYES. This is country is for the land of the Brave. Not pussies who cant stand on their own two feet….

  • crawfish

    bigot/racist nazi skinheads
    i gave your address to a couple of my 285lb BLACK
    friends……………….they can’t WAIT to pay you a visit!

  • crawfish

    and i’m done wasting my time with redneck/racists/bigots, pathetic people like you!

    you are ALL to be pityed

  • jason

    good let them come GEEK just what I though cant fight your own battles leave it up to the real men
    PUSSY !! Crawfish your such a joke lol THE TRUTH HURTS huh?? Um and your the one who is racist and following a racist/bigot for a leader.. Bye bye cant take the heat well get the fuck out PUSSY
    And please have them come to my house ill be waiting dumb ass liberal loser drug addict drunk PUSSY..

  • Kathy

    So sorry crawfish, you somehow got caught in the crossfire.

    This is between Jason and I, it seems.

    Jason. I think everyone that works for “it” should be able to get a good education and buy a house and get paid a fair wage for time spent at a job. I know that “liberty” can be thought of as, most everyone having these opportunities.

    I own a house, I have a master’s degree and I’m almost done paying school loans. I’m in a 30% tax bracket, so I make a livable wage. You have made some pretty harsh assumptions, dear Jason; and you are WRONG, Sweetheart.

    You know it costs Americans about 40%-50% more to live than it did 8 years ago. Yeah, I can see how voting for a guy that says he will continue with President Bushes’ policies and plans, is going to help! In this economy even the rich, are struggling. The other things is that I don’t feel McCain is that healthy and don’t think Palin is ready for the job as President.

    Besides, McCain is a wife beater and a communist informant when he was a prisoner of war, not a hero. He and his wife were separated up until he decided to run for President.

    Did you know there is a direct correlation between fuel costs and the economy and the poverty rate? Did you know that republicanism becomes indistinguishable from liberalism when understood more expansively? (Larmore 2001; Dagger, 1997). I’m not saying “Libertarianism”. I’m a “Classic liberal”. According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, it means to give the poor opportunities to improve one’s chance to pull out of poverty. In their words “make the poor, richer, not to make the rich, poorer”. It is really a true freedom.

    Did you know Jason, that your ability to disseminate what you read and your comprehension of the intention of what is being communicated is so “off base” in your interpretation, that your not even in a town that has a stadium, sort of speak!

    You don’t like liberalism, you don’t like Jimmy Buffett or me or Crawfish or Obama, Why are you on this blog? Stop posting your redundant, repugnant remarks you schmuck. (That translates to “penis” by the way). GO AWAY JASON.

  • jason

    lol Kathy nice speech you sound like your buddy Obama. To bad all the followers will follow him right to edge of the cliff. You must of got your master degree in the woods. You people like to put the blame on one man. Well if you read correctly about why and when this country started to take a shit in the woods was from your other great president Bill Clinton deregulating the lending industry with greenspan and also borrowing 500 billion against social security. Than not taking care of business over where the rest of the rag heads live because of you liberal left wing morons Not Taking Osama out.
    Oh talking about a womanizer lol Bill the blow job president searching for ass insted of doing his job. Back to your view on giving back to the poor. If you cant see that most poor people are just slobs and just want a hand out to abuse the system for their laziness than please donate more of your time and go down to the crack towns where they live and see for yourself. Cant change peoples mentality by giving them more hand outs. Your ability to disseminate what can see with your own eyes shows your incompetence to reality of what this country is all about. Sad Sad to be blinded by your beliefs that people some how should all be consider to give to the poor for opportunity that themselves cant seek out. I have poor/rich friends who believe the same way I do and the poor friends I have would never consider taking a hand out. They want to be treated as the same as the rich no matter their situation. Its called taking responsibility for one self. I see you reduced your standers and now are calling me names lol schmuck. And I do believe this is still a free country so I can blog where ever I want. Dont read it you go away so I can continue to spred my intelligent ridicule against marxist racist Obama Hussein Barry. So please take your worthless degree and go talk to someone who cares the same as you do for pathetic lazy worthless people who only keep taking taking intel there is no more left for the good individuals who make something out of their lives.
    Do you understand that KATHY oh yeah p.s if you was’nt so blinded you would wonder why your still paying for your school loans insted of taking advantage of the college negro fund lol lol lmao where is the white college funds or the immigrant college funds. Racist black people think we have ought for them for what our past did to them. You GO AWAY KATHTY and take all the liberals with you so we can turn this country back to being respected and feared by our enemies. Not some tree hugging give another chance bunch of pussies. Last thing me and crawshit have been debating this before you came around with your worthless rhetoric………………………..

  • jason

    Well there goes The good old USA time for the change to socialism than next communism. Sad the racist people only came out to vote on color. Funny the black people’s vote went up 100% from the past elections. Thats racism to the fullest!! Dumb fn people should not be aloud to vote.

  • Lisa


    It wasn’t about racism. It was about HOPE. We won the last elections as well, we just didn’t let you STEAL this one again.

    As far as ignorance, learn how to spell and speak English. It is ALLOWED, NOT ALOUD.


    Now, I am getting back to my champagne! This wealthy, educated, white female is going to go celebrate!

    PS, Learn about Socialism. We have had it for many years. We just bailed out the banking industry.

    Say Hello, President Obama! Thanks Jimmy for a wonderful Pre-Celebatory party!

    The people have spoken, WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!

  • jason

    Dear, Crawfish, Kathy, Jimmy and Lisa also to all the others I made rediculous and unsincable comments to. I sincerly apologize for all the dumb stupid remarks I made and hope you forgive me for the rudness and unconsidering comments. I believe it takes a better man to say sorry than not do anything at all. I can give you no excuses, but Crawfish and Kathy you both were right about me. Im a complete loser little man who dropped out of high school and has no family or friends in my life at this moment. Lisa I am a moron who cant spell or use english correctly. So as I write this please bare with my horrible spelling. I’m very depressed about my life and the debt I’m in and it is all because of the last 2 years. I lost my faith in God and Jesus Christ. I am a Christian who is very scared of what is to come of my life in the next few months. Suicide I feel is the only way out. I will be losing my house and every thing Ive worked for. In high school I was a star athlet and had full ride scholarship to any school of my chosing, But I let other people tell me how to live and what to do. Therefore got into drugs at an early age and seriously regret it. I really do apologize for the comments and had no right saying the things I’ve sed to people I dont even know. I believe Karma will punish me again for the foulness of my big fat mouth. I have done the same thing on religion blog sites 6 months ago. Tonight I could not sleep just thinking about how stupid I really am. I dont expact anyone of you people to acknowledge my presents. I feel my time is coming up soon to meet my maker. I will go into the wild. Again sorry for my rude behavior. I do deep down think that Obama is for the people and not in it for greed/coruption. Please believe my words ( im not a racist person at all ) I used to have many many black/ hispanic friends intell I became this sad depressed little man (who I even cant stand on my own two feet) stop talking to them all and now have lost contact with them. I’m a sad sad individual who needs professional help…….God bless you all and have a very very good healthy life for many years to come. Jimmy I’m sorry bro for evey stupid thing ive sed on your phan websites here please forgive me. LOOK dont have a clue on how to spell (sed )saying dont even know if its a word or not lol. I would look it up but its getting late and now that I’ve cleared my consionce Another word Geez Im stupid. Good night

  • Kim

    Hey Jason.
    BooHoo BooHoo.I’m laughing! You’re full of “it”. Shhh!
    I’m listening to the ocean waves and “That’s what living is to me” on Jimmy Buffett’s “Live in Anguills” ahhh. Tomorrow will bring you new opportunities to offend everyone in your wake.

  • crawfish

    wheres all the BIG MOUTH,CRY BABY Repubicans
    now? i guess they are wiping the tears from the LONG faces over at the Fox News network!
    and there whiney faces are LONG!….HEHE!
    boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo!

    just want to thank Jimmy again for helping SAVE our country!


  • J.Weaver

    We have an opportunity to be part of great, needed, and worthwhile change now. We believed we could come this far and it happened! Now lets keep making it better.

  • barry

    Heah Crawshit guess what? I got up this morning shaved, brushed my teeth and took a shit. Life goes on. I can’t wait to see you dumb bastards when your tax rate grows to 50% ,you’ve spent your $,1000 welfare check, you lose you job because the businesses dry up (by the way nice job with the stock market today Obama down -300 pts) and your wearing towels around your heads. Don’t forget I told you so! At least now the African Americans won’t have any excuses for their failures. I’m out of here. Crawshit it was fun playing with your ignorance. I’m sure you will get the last word however I WILL GET THE LAST LAUGH! FY

  • crawfish

    oh barry you and your wife jason, go suck off Hannity, O’reilly,Limbaugh and all the other loud mouth BLOW HARDS who are just like you!
    you are the one thats ignorant………youre a refucklican!………..booo hooo………CRY ON LOSERS!…..LOOOOOOOOOOL!

  • Kathrin Holmen

    Well, this website looks way better than my google blog. I think I might use WordPress aswell.Your thoughts on this Regards.


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