USA Weekend Interview with Buffett, Win a Trip to Paradise

posted June 27th, 2008 at 2:33 pm

by Josh Martin

USA Weekend has a terrific interview with Buffett, where he talks a lot about his family, politics, and how he came up with this year’s tour name, among other things: “Jimmy Buffett: No Trouble In Paradise”

When Jimmy Buffett was trying to come up with a name for his annual tour, he got together with a group of buddies and bandmates to brainstorm. “We said, ‘What are we going to call this after 40 years? What do we do now that we’re still here?’ ” he says. “And that became this summer’s motto: The Year of Still Here.”


Buffett, describing himself as “an old hippie” and “Southern radical,” says now, “I’m an Obama person.”

“Everybody knows my politics [he campaigned for Jimmy Carter and Al Gore and has played twice at Bill Clinton birthday parties]. But half my audience is Republicans — and that’s OK. People should be communicating, which is the biggest factor to me.”

He has been opposed to the war in Iraq since the beginning. “Anybody who makes policy in this country oughta have to walk by the Vietnam memorial on the way to work,” Buffett says.

So why not vote for Vietnam vet John McCain? “I respect John McCain, but it’s old stuff. John McCain is older than I am!”


Buffett’s kids have not exactly followed him into the fame game. At least not yet. Delaney 16, attends boarding school in the Northeast, as does Cameron, 14, his only son. Savannah, 29, is a host for Radio Margaritaville, a Sirius station that features all things Buffett. Ask Buffett what kind of dad he is, and he’ll say what most fathers say: “A good one, I hope.”

Read the entire article here.

They are also giving away a trip to Parrothead Paradise, all you have to do is write your own first verse to Margaritaville! Read the details and enter the contest here!

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  • kiwibird

    Hello….Some one ought to get this started.. I’m not ready yet. Kinda pressed for time…and going to wait ’til later.

  • kiwibird

    This article? Still no other comments…
    Well, I’ll begin by saying it’s sort of pathetic! It’s so out of character for anything I thought was Jimmy Buffett. Yeah, it’s well known that he’s a Democrat..but why do something stupid like get in bed with the likes of those “sappy celebrity” liberal Democrats… WE DON’T CARE WHAT THEY THINK!
    Including the big “O”..Oprah! Half his audience -“Republicans” (meaning conservatives) ??!! Like, we are 2nd class citizens?? Jimmy would do well to brush up on info re: conservatism vs. liberalism. If he wants to lose that half of his audience…this is a good beginning. And I wouldn’t advocate having campaigned for the likes of Carter and the Clintons too loudly…I mean, C’MON!!! The comment about McCain’s age ?? I think that is next in order for JB now that he’s 61. (Seven comes after Six.) Disrespectful to say besides…doesn’t sound like a JB attitude either??? “Rock Star”..JB??!! Are you serious? Bruce Springstein…can’t hold a candle to the talent of Jimmy Buffett!! There’s no comparison..are you kidding?? Although it’s not mentioned here “Country/Western” …he’s NOT either. He can sing it well tho’…It just doesn’t describe the major talent of this man. Biggest “passion” …Surfing??? I thought it was Sailing, Flying and Fishing!!! This article makes it sound like he has compromised his true values somehow…. from everything I had read and listened to in his music. His comments re: family (wife & children} sound kind of strangely sarcastic too?? So, maybe there’s a “Midlife Crisis” going on here? Seems a little old (61} for that! (Then, call it an “Older Age Crisis”. ..Ha!} OH MERCY…MEA CULPA!! I’m rambling!! My husband tells me I talk too much..Oh REALLY?? LOL!
    Wellll Jimmy Buffett…I’m so happy to know that you’re still here to entertain and do concerts, etc. You are The BEST! But, be careful riding that surfboard…61 yrs OLD! Surfing is harder to do and besides there are SHARKS in them there waters!!!Remember your 70’s are coming up FASTER than you think! Don’t be too hard on your “Conservative Republican” audience. You wouldn’t want to fall too far out of favor with us. Your pal, James Taylor… hope he mutes it on the politcal endorsements… We’ve already lost interest in his music it seems… Something about going public with his political views…(We don’t CARE about that! It’s the MUSIC we loved. much “Lip Service” here, huh?
    Call it …a “Communicating Republican” thing..
    I’m just communicating!! Anyone else care to comment?
    From a 65 yr. Old Wife/Mother/Grandmother…Would like to remain a loyal JB Fan enjoying his wonderful talent, music, wit, wisdom, kindness, caring and generosity. Your political persuasion…NOT SO MUCH!
    I wonder if all this will get posted??!!!

  • Josh Martin

    He was just responding to a question asked of him.

  • kiwibird

    I neglected to add this website to my comment… Guitar and a flag… You will see a glimpse of the Wall as the video plays through. A good reminder…

  • kiwibird

    Oh …Scratch that! They threw it off…
    The YouTube Video is called

    Freedom Never Cries ..

    You will have to Search for it there.
    Well worth the trouble.
    God Bless America!

  • kiwibird

    Quiet in here!! Can you hear the echo?


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